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Wreck of P-38 'Japanese Sandman', Oro Province, PNG (Daniel J. Leahy, 2006)
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RAAF Survey of Aircraft Wreckage in Papua and New Guinea

Compiled by Daniel Leahy
Updated 3 August 2017


In 1961, the Royal Australian Air Force produced a survey of aircraft wreckage titled, 'Royal Australian Air Force Survey of Aircraft Wreckage in Papua and New Guinea'. This survey compiled details of known aircraft wrecks and last known details of missing aircraft yet to be located in the islands north of Australia (including parts of what is now Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Solomon Islands). While the vast majority of the aircraft listed were military aircraft from the period of World War II, some post-war wrecks and civilian aircraft were also listed.

Unfortunately the data included coordinates consisting of only degrees and minutes meaning that all should only be considered as an approximation of where an aircraft was lost. Furthermore, the 'last known' information for missing aircraft has, in most cases, proven to be quite a distance from where the wreck was later located. This should also not be regarded as a complete survey of aircraft lost in Australia during World War II, as numerous wreck sites (many known since wartime) are not included.

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Thanks to Dr. Gregory Gilbert of the Royal Australian Air Force's Office of Air Force History for providing digital scans of the original survey documents.


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