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RAAF De Havilland Mosquito A52-609 at Coomalie, NT (State Library of SA [PRG 1435/4/1], 1945)
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Aviation Heritage website goes live

Daniel J. Leahy & Fiona Shanahan
20 July 2016

Welcome to the Aviation Heritage teamís website! The website will primarily be a research database which will also provide updates regarding the team's 'Digital Air Force' project, news relating to the aviation archaeology and heritage sphere, as well as details of upcoming events such as airshows and new museum displays.

During June 2016 we conducted research at the Australian War Memorialís Research Centre in Canberra. The results of this research will form part of the online mapping system we are currently developing. It is hoped that this system will allow website users to view the location of sites in an online Google Map, while also allowing researchers and academics to download the data as files compatible with a range of GIS software packages.

Fig. 1 - WWII era Bellman Hangar at Benalla Airport (Daniel Leahy, 2016)

Members of our team also visited the Benalla Airport which was utilised by the Royal Australian Air Force's No. 11 Elementary Flying Training School (EFTS) during World War II. We were working to further develop our photography and digital documentation techniques and best practices while visiting Benalla, the results of which will form part of our 'Digital Air Force' project which we are hoping to unveil at an archaeology conference in the future.

Thanks to the Australian War Memorial, Benalla Aviation Museum and Benalla Rural City Council for assisting and accommodating our team members during these visits.

We are continuing to test equipment for use at future sites, and are always looking to make contact with people who feel they might be able to assist us in any way such as providing information, photographs, or equipment. Additionally, we are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to acquire just some of the equipment we will require for future site documentation. The campaign can be accessed HERE - any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

External Links

Australian War Memorial
Benalla Aviation Museum
Benalla Rural City Council


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