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Wreck of B-24 'Milady', Northern Territory (Daniel J. Leahy, 2012)
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Service:Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Service Number:126080
Rank:Flying Officer
Date of Death:7 June 1944
Decorations:Distinguished Flying Medal
Units:No. 29 Squadron, RAF †


Distinguished Flying Medal:
During the past 12 months Flight Sergeant Ellis has carried out many operational sorties. He has displayed a high degree of skill and initiative. In January, 1942, he assisted in the destruction of a hostile aircraft after a long pursuit. Some time later, in extremely unfavourable flying weather, his skilful and accurate directions enabled his pilot to overcome a difficult situation and make a safe landing. During a sortie in June, 1942, he performed excellent work in an engagement with an enemy aircraft which was probably destroyed. This airman has always maintained a very high standard of efficiency, while his devotion to duty has set a very fine example.

Burial Details

Grave:XXVI. B. 15 (Jt.)

External Links

The London Gazette - Distinguished Flying Medal Citation (11 August 1942)

Record updated on 21 April 2018.


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