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Noseart on Gloster Meteor VH-MBX (Daniel J. Leahy, 2013)
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Service:Royal Air Force
Service Number:44971
Rank:Wing Commander
Date of Death:2 January 1944
Decorations:Distinguished Flying Cross and Bar
Units:No. 83 Squadron, RAF †


Distinguished Flying Cross:
This officer has taken part in many operational sorties and has proved himself to be a thoroughly capable and reliable deputy flight commander. In July, 1942, he was detailed to attack Saabrucken and after carefully pin pointing the target he came down to below 5,000 feet and scored hits on the objective. Two nights later, when attacking Dusseldorf, his aircraft was caught in a cone of searchlights and attacked by a fighter. With great skill he so manoeuvred his aircraft that his rear gunner was able to shoot down the attacker. In addition Flight Lieutenant Abercromby took part in the daylight raid on Le Creusot and one of the night raids on Genoa. In October, 1942, he flew one of the aircraft detailed to attack Milan in daylight. Although faced with serious opposition he descended to within 100 feet before releasing his incendiaries on the target. His aircraft was hit many times and the rear gunner was mortally wounded. With superb airmanship Flight Lieutenant Abercromby successfully extricated his badly damaged aircraft from the target area and flew it safely back to base. Throughout his operational career this officer has consistently shown exceptionally high courage and leadership.

Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross:
Since being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross this officer has completed many sorties. In December, 1943, he took part in an attack on Berlin. Whilst over the outskirts of the city his aircraft was illuminated by a large concentration of searchlights. By good tactics, Wing Commander Abercromby manoeuvred his aircraft from the cone and then completed a successful attack. Throughout his tour, this officer's efforts have been featured by great determination and good judgement.

Burial Details

Grave:8. F. 12.

External Links

The London Gazette - Distinguished Flying Cross Citation (20 November 1942)
The London Gazette - Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross Citation (21 December 1943)

Record updated on 15 April 2018.


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