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Wreck of B-24 'Milady', Northern Territory (Daniel J. Leahy, 2012)
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Service:Royal Australian Air Force
Service Number:426933
Rank:Flight Lieutenant
Date of Birth:25 July 1916
Place of Birth:Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia
Date of Death:20 November 1944 (Aged 28 years)
Decorations:Distinguished Flying Cross
Units:No. 186 Squadron, RAF †


Distinguished Flying Cross:
In November, 1944, this officer was the pilot of an aircraft detailed to attack Hamburg. When approaching the target the aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire. Both the port engines were disabled and only one of the propellers could be feathered. The port petrol tanks were pierced and much of the contents seeped into the wing and fuselage. The aircraft lost height but Flying Officer Williamson continued his run to execute a good bombing attack. Afterwards, course was set for base. The aircraft was still gradually losing height and Flying Officer Williamson was unable to maintain his place with the main bomber force. A little later the aircraft was again hit. The petrol supply was becoming diminished and it was apparent that England could not be reached. Course was altered and eventually Flying Officer Williamson effected a masterly landing in a water-logged field in friendly territory. In most harassing circumstances this officer displayed skill, courage and tenacity of a high standard.

Burial Details

Grave:Coll. grave 29. B. 1-16.

External Links

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Record updated on 11 March 2018.


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