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Livingstone Airfield, Northern Territory (Daniel J. Leahy, 2012)
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Service:Royal Australian Air Force
Service Number:485
Rank:Squadron Leader
Date of Birth:6 July 1917
Place of Birth:Sydney, NSW, Australia
Date of Death:27 February 1944 (Aged 26 years)
Decorations:Distinguished Flying Cross and Bar
Units:No. 31 Squadron, RAAF †



Distinguished Flying Cross:
Since being posted to No 31 LR/F Squadron on the 21st July, 1943, Squadron Leader GORDON has participated in nine occupational sorties, which include 8 strikes, and by his courage and determination has consistently set an inspiring example to his squadron.
He has previously destroyed two float planes and damaged another.
On the 18th September, 1943, in an attack on Taberfane he was slightly wounded by anti-aircraft fire. Nevertheless he continued the attack and by accurate bombing completely destroyed a revetted machine gun post. On the 10th October, 1943, when leading a formation of six aircraft in an attack on Tanimbar Islands he personally shot down two of the three enemy aircraft destroyed by the formation. On arriving at the target, the flight was intercepted by an enemy twin-engined fighter which he promptly destroyed in combat. When the formation was about to return to its base, it was attacked by a second twin-engined fighter which damaged the port engine, a starboard aileron and hydraulic system of Squadron Leader GORDON's aircraft. It then passed on to attack the remainder of the flight. Opening up both engines to the maximum, Squadron Leader GORDON attacked and destroyed the enemy fighter from a distance of 350 yards. On the return journey his damaged engine seized and the greater part of the journey was made on one engine in an aircraft whose aileron controls were practically useless. Finally, with petrol tanks empty, he made a successful crash landing on an auxiliary aerodrome.
Squadron Leader GORDON displayed outstanding skill, courage and determination and his magnificent effort is worthy of the highest praise.

Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross:
Since November 1943 Squadron Leader GORDON has carried out 14 operational sorties with No 31 LR/F Squadron and has completed 76 hours of operational flying. In the course of these sorties he has destroyed in combat one Zero float plane, one medium twin-engine bomber, one twin-engine fighter and damaged another of the same type.
On 11th November, 1943, he bombed and strafed anti-aircraft positions on Selaroe strip and strafed an ammunition wagon.
On 15th November he strafed and set on fire some barges off Manatuto. He led an attack on an enemy convoy near Cape Fatugama, during which a large transport was strafed. He then led two strafing attacks on an enemy vessel of 250 tons which was sunk, and followed with strafing attacks on enemy M/G positions and enemy troops on Atamboea.
On 16th December he strafed a barge with enemy troops aboard off Lautem.
On 30th December in company with other aircraft of his unit he attacked and damaged a barge in Semaoe Strait.
On 14th January, 1944, he led an attack by seven aircraft on a 300-ton enemy vessel off Baucau, the vessel being damaged, and he led an attack by three aircraft on a 1200-ton enemy vessel. Squadron Leader GORDON made three runs over the vessel which was destroyed.
Squadron Leader GORDON has displayed outstanding skill, courage and leadership together with expert airmanship and has contributed considerably to the high state of morale existing in the squadron.
He has commanded the squadron with obvious success during the absence of his commanding officer on leave.

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National Archives of Australia [NAA] 1948, GORDON REGINALD LLOYD : Service Number - 485 : Date of birth - 06 Jul 1917 : Place of birth - SYDNEY NSW : Place of enlistment - POINT COOK VIC : Next of Kin - GORDON MURIEL, A9300, GORDON R L.

Record updated on 17 May 2018.


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