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Twin Row Radial Engine in Fairfax Harbour, Port Moresby, PNG (Daniel J. Leahy, 2005)
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Service:Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Service Number:112448
Rank:Squadron Leader
Date of Birth:13 March 1920
Place of Birth:Cudlee Creek, SA, Australia
Date of Death:8 August 2005 (Aged 85 years)
Decorations:Air Force Cross


Air Force Cross:
In July, 1944, Flight Lieutenant Fopp was acting as instructor during a night flying test, when his aircraft collided with another aircraft, tearing away the whole of the starboard elevator and about one-third of the starboard tail plane. In addition, the port tail plane was damaged and all but one foot of the port elevator torn away. The aircraft became uncontrollable. Flight Lieutenant Fopp made preparations to abandon the aircraft but by careful piloting was able to regain control and fly it back to the airfield. He lowered the wheels and made preparations for landing but the aircraft went out of control again. With great skill and presence of mind, he raised the flaps and, regaining some degree of control, effected a landing, at the same time succeeding in preventing a blockage of the runway. It was then found that the tail wheel had also been ripped away in the collision. Throughout the whole incident, this officer showed the greatest coolness and skill and his action was entirely responsible for the safe landing of the aircraft and its occupants.

External Links

The London Gazette - Air Force Cross Citation (26 September 1944)


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Record updated on 6 January 2019.


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