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Noseart on Gloster Meteor VH-MBX (Daniel J. Leahy, 2013)
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Service:Royal Australian Air Force
Service Number:402059
Rank:Squadron Leader
Date of Birth:19 May 1910
Place of Birth:Wellington, NSW, Australia
Decorations:Companion of the Distinguished Service Order
Distinguished Flying Cross
Mentioned in Despatches

AWM: UK0433


8 July 1945Beaufighter A19-135: Aircraft force landed at Albury aerodrome after suffering an engine failure at 3,000 feet.


Distinguished Service Order:
Since being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross Wing Commander MARTIN has taken part in numerous sorties including a flight to Turin which was successfully attacked and photographed.
This officer has at all times displayed inspiring leadership, great skill and tenacity and has contributed materially to the high standard of operational efficiency of the squadron he commands.
On a recent occasion his fearlessness and promtitude were instrumental in saving an aircraft from destruction when it caught fire on the ground. Although the bomber was fully loaded and smoke pouring from it Wing Commander MARTIN leapt aboard and directed the efforts of the fire fighters in quelling the outbreak.
His example both in the air and on the ground is worthy of the highest praise.

Distinguished Flying Cross:
One day in July 1941 this officer was the captain of an aircraft which participated in a daylight attack on the Gneisenau at Brest. F/Lt. Martin kept in tight formation and, with his leader, presented such a determined front that the numerous enemy fighters did not dare to attack. One night in September 1941 whilst flying to Berlin he failed to receive a general recall signall and went on to his target. He penetrated on to the centre of the city and bombed his target. On his return to this country he made a successful landing in conditions of thick fog. This officer has carried out numerous bombing raids including attacks on important enemy industrial centres and dockyard installations. He is a particularly resolute and fearless pilot who always presses home his attacks with the utmost determination whatever the opposition or conditions of weather. He has trained his crew to a high standard of efficiency.

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National Archives of Australia [NAA] 1948, MARTIN CHARLES ERNEST : Service Number - 402059 : Date of birth - 19 May 1910 : Place of birth - WELLINGTON NSW : Place of enlistment - SYDNEY : Next of Kin - MARTIN E, A9300, MARTIN C E.

Record updated on 6 October 2017.


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