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Twin Row Radial Engine in Fairfax Harbour, Port Moresby, PNG (Daniel J. Leahy, 2005)
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Kittyhawk A29-143

Aircraft Model:Curtiss P-40E Kittyhawk
Manufacturer:Curtiss-Wright Corporation
Identities:41-36238; A29-143
Name / Nose Art:PUDDIN
Units:No. 75 Squadron, RAAF


20 August 1942Allotted to the Royal Australian Air Force, ex USAAF.
21 August 1942Allotted to No. 75 Squadron, RAAF, ex No. 12 RSU.
3 September 1942Unserviceable at No. 75 Squadron, RAAF.
12 September 1942Held at No. 75 Squadron, RAAF.
28 September 1942Serviceable at No. 75 Squadron, RAAF.
3 March 1943Aircraft was force landed at Goodenough Island due to adverse weather conditions.
Pilot: P/O DANIEL RICHARD AUSTIN, RAAF 408630 (Uninjured)
7 March 1943Issued to No. 10 Repair and Salvage Unit, RAAF.
8 March 1943Received by No. 10 Repair and Salvage Unit, RAAF.
15 June 1943Allotted to No. 75 Squadron, RAAF.
26 June 1943Issued to and Received by No. 75 Squadron, RAAF.
8 August 1943Aircraft stalled and crashed near Turnbull Field during aerobatics on a non-operational test flight.
Pilot: F/O WILLIAM JOHN WARD, RAAF 401003 (Killed)
26 August 1943AMSE approved conversion.


Kittyhawk A29-143 and crew at Cairns, Queensland


National Archives of Australia [NAA] 1945, Kittyhawk A29 [Accidents Part 4], A9845, 6.

National Archives of Australia [NAA] 1949, Aircraft Status cards - Kittyhawk A29-100 to A29-199 - Also Instructional No.1, A10297, BLOCK 213.

Record updated on 15 January 2019.


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