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Beaufort A9-418

Aircraft Model:DAP Beaufort Mk. VIII
Manufacturer:Department of Aircraft Production
Units:No. 6 Squadron, RAAF
No. 100 Squadron, RAAF


18 August 1943Received by No. 2 Aircraft Depot, RAAF, ex DAP.
24 September 1943Received by No. 6 Squadron, RAAF.
8 November 1943Aircraft over ran strip due to brake failure causing damage to undercarriage and airscrews.
Pilot: S/Ldr JOHN GEOFFREY HOSKINS, RAAF 261718 (Uninjured)
Navigator: F/Sgt JOHN REDFERN SHAW, RAAF 412718 (Uninjured)
W/AG: F/Sgt JAMES ERIC FORSYTH, RAAF 409680 (Uninjured)
W/AG: F/Sgt NORMAN LAWRENCE FIDGE, RAAF 428304 (Uninjured)
10 November 1943Received by No. 26 Repair and Salvage Unit, RAAF, for repairs.
28 November 1943Received by No. 100 Squadron, RAAF.
2 May 1944Received by No. 10 Repair and Salvage Unit, RAAF, for engine change.
13 July 1944Aircraft not suitable for operations.
21 July 1944Received by No. 6 Squadron, RAAF.
19 December 1944Received by No. 5 Aircraft Depot, RAAF, for 480 hourly.
19 February 1945Allotted to No. 4 Aircraft Depot, RAAF, for reconditioning.
28 March 1945Above allotment cancelled.
14 November 1945Received by No. 5 Aircraft Depot, RAAF, for storage.
29 January 1946Received by No. 21 Squadron, RAAF.
13 May 1946Authorised for write-off.
23 August 1946Received by No. 3 Aircraft Depot, RAAF, for storage.
7 October 1948Passed to DAP.
8 August 1949Action completed by DSD.


RAAF Beaufort A9-418 in flight with the island of New Britain in the background


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National Archives of Australia [NAA] 1945, Beaufort A9 [Accidents Part 16], A9845, 256.

Wilson, S. 1990 Beaufort, Beaufighter and Mosquito in Australian Service. Weston Creek: Aerospace Publications Pty. Ltd.

Record updated on 17 November 2017.


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