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Lodestar A67-10

Aircraft Model:Lockheed C-60A-5-LO Lodestar
Manufacturer:Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
Constructor's No.:2613
Identities:43-16453; A67-10; VH-TAY; N5080V; N24W; N79T; N1791; N14WS.
Units:No. 37 Squadron, RAAF


11 January 1944Received by No. 37 Squadron, RAAF.
6 September 1944Port undercarriage collapsed while taxying at Merauke.
2nd Pilot: Sgt WILLIAM FRANCIS WALL, RAAF 18754 (Survived)
Wireless Operator: Sgt WILLIAM EARNEST FORTY, RAAF 430585 (Survived)
6 December 1944Tyre blew out on landing causing the aircraft to ground loop.
Pilot: F/Lt DONALD LESLIE FAIRBANK, RAAF 401278 (Survived)
Crew: W/O W.I. MUNRO (Survived)
Crew: F/O A.J. DAVIS (Survived)
16 December 1944Allotted to ANA, Parafield, for repair.
19 December 1944Issued to ANA, Parafield.
4 January 1945Received by ANA, Parafield.
23 March 1945Allotted to No. 4 Communication Unit, RAAF, to replace A16-118.
Aircraft to be fitted with 4 seats from A16-116 on receipt at No. 4 CU.
26 March 1945Issued to No. 37 Squadron, RAAF, ex ANA.
27 March 1945Received by No. 37 Squadron, RAAF.
30 March 1945Issued to No. 4 Communication Unit, RAAF.
3 April 1945Allotted to ANA for fitment.
11 April 1945Above allotment to ANA cancelled.
Aircraft now allotted to No. 1 Communication Unit, RAAF, for use by Senior Army Officers.
10 May 1945Received by No. 1 Communication Unit, RAAF.
11 June 1945Aircraft grounded as per RAAF signal.
12 June 1945Allotted to No. 7 Aircraft Depot, RAAF, for repair.
14 June 1945Received by No. 7 Aircraft Depot, RAAF.
16 January 1946Allotted to No. 1 Aircraft Depot, RAAF, for storage.
19 March 1947Sold through CDC to Department of Civil Aviation for £2,500.
18 September 1947Issued to purchaser.
11 October 1949Registered in Australia as VH-CAB.
1951Struck off Australian civil register.
26 February 1952Registered in Australia as VH-TAY.
5 May 1953Struck off Australian civil register.
1953Registered in the United States as N24W.
1958Registered in the United States as N79T.
1966Registered in the United States as N1791.
1969Registered in the United States as N14WS.


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Record updated on 15 October 2018.


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