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Wreck of B-24 'Milady', Northern Territory (Daniel J. Leahy, 2012)
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Beaufort A9-74

Aircraft Model:DAP Beaufort Mk. VI
Manufacturer:Department of Aircraft Production
Units:No. 1 Operational Training Unit, RAAF
No. 5 Operational Training Unit, RAAF


26 June 1942Received by No. 2 Aircraft Depot, RAAF, ex APC.
30 June 1942Allotted to No. 1 Operational Training Unit, RAAF.
3 July 1942Completed ready for delivery.
9 July 1942Issued to No. 1 Operational Training Unit, RAAF.
10 July 1942Received by No. 1 Operational Training Unit, RAAF.
16 October 1942Aircraft damaged when it failed to take off and ran through a boundary fence at Bairnsdale, Victoria.
Pilot: P/O IAN HARRIS FIELDING, RAAF 409038 (Survived)
Crew: Sgt JOHN JOSEPH CALLAGHAN, RAAF 413342 (Survived)
Crew: Sgt WILLIAM McDONALD SMITH, RAAF 409857 (Survived)
Crew: Sgt JAMES BROCK, RAAF 409983 (Survived)
Passenger: F/O CHARLES ALBERT HOWE, RAAF 3660 (Survived)
21 October 1942Allotted to No. 5 Aircraft Depot, RAAF.
28 October 1942Received by No. 5 Aircraft Depot, RAAF.
21 December 1942Estimated ready in 21 days at No. 5 AD.
28 December 1942Estimated ready in 10-21 days at No. 5 AD.
4 January 1943Estimated ready in 10-21 days at No. 5 AD.
11 January 1943Estimated ready in 3-10 days at No. 5 AD.
23 February 1943Allotted to No. 5 Operational Training Unit, RAAF, for training.
25 February 1943Received by No. 5 Operational Training Unit, RAAF.
25 August 1943Aircraft suffered an engine failure and force landed with undercarriage retracted approximately 6 miles south of Forbes, NSW.
Crew: Sgt WILLIAM ROBERT GIBSON, RAAF 418098 (Uninjured)
28 August 1943Allotted to No. 5 Aircraft Depot, RAAF, for repair.
2 September 1943Issued to No. 5 Aircraft Depot, RAAF.
11 September 1943Received by No. 5 Aircraft Depot, RAAF.
23 February 1944Approval given to convert to Instructional Airframe No. 8 for issue to No. 1 Engineering School, RAAF.
1 April 1946Offered to CDC for disposal.
13 May 1946Authorised for write-off.
26 November 1947Passed to DAP.
8 February 1949DAP Action Completed.


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Record updated on 2 October 2018.


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