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Wirraway A20-653

Aircraft Model:CAC CA-16 Wirraway
Manufacturer:Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation
Constructor's No.:1105
Identities:A20-653; VH-BFF
Units:No. 5 Squadron, RAAF
No. 5 Service Flying Training School, RAAF


3 August 1944Received by No. 1 Aircraft Depot, RAAF, ex CAC.
Allotted to No. 5 Service Flying Training School, RAAF.
15 August 1944Issued to No. 5 Service Flying Training School, RAAF.
16 August 1944Received by No. 5 Service Flying Training School, RAAF.
23 November 1944Allotted to No. 548 Squadron, RAF.
28 November 1944Aircraft departed at 06:00 hours.
4 December 1944Received by No. 5 Service Flying Training School, RAAF.
7 December 1944Above allotment cancelled.
23 January 1945Allotted to No. 5 Squadron, RAAF.
18 May 1945Allotted to No. 1 Aircraft Depot, RAAF, for wireless transmitter fitment.
Aircraft held at No. 1 AD.
Allotted to No. 5 Squadron, RAAF.
27 June 1945Issued to No. 5 Squadron, RAAF.
13 July 1945Received by No. 5 Squadron, RAAF.
7 January 1946RAAF HQ approval granted for conversion.
3 December 1976Registered in Australia as VH-BFF.
1999Purchased by David Lowy.
December 2000Donated to the Temora Aviation Museum.


Wirraway A20-653 / VH-BFF at the Temora Aviation Museum


No. 5 Squadron, RAAF:
21 July 1945Familiarisation, SW Bougainville09:5612:14F/O Begg
F/O Thompson
19 August 1945Survey Torokina River08:5109:22F/O Long
Maj Radcliffe
19 August 1945Survey Jaba River13:1815:56F/O Hilliger
Maj Radcliffe
5 September 194509:4710:50F/O Ellis
F/O Hatfield
29 September 1945Kara and Return09:3011:00F/Lt Redman
2 October 1945Piva-Buin Road-Piva13:2014:20F/Lt Collis
Col McKinnon
6 October 1945Piva-Kara11:3012:00F/O McArthur
F/O Hardman
6 October 1945Kara-Piva15:3016:00F/O McArthur
F/O Hardman
7 October 1945Piva-Green Island08:3009:40F/Lt Collis
F/O McArthur
7 October 1945Green Island-Piva12:1513:20F/Lt Collis
Lt Smith
8 October 1945Piva-Green Island11:5012:45F/O Hilliger
9 October 1945Green Island-Piva11:4012:45F/O Hilliger
16 October 1945Piva-Green Island10:2011:30F/O Dawes
F/O Downes
16 October 1945Green Island-Piva14:4015:40F/O Dawes
F/O Downes
20 October 1945Survey South10:3011:50F/Lt Kidd
S/Ldr Deakin
20 October 1945Piva-Green Island13:1514:15F/O Downes
21 October 1945Green Island-Piva11:3012:30F/O Downes
22 October 1945Photo North16:2017:40F/O Nolan
Sgt Temple
23 October 1945Piva-Jacquinot Bay-Piva09:3011:50F/O Thewlis
F/O Nolan
24 October 1945Green Island Ferry09:2510:25F/O Hilliger
Lt Winterford
24 October 1945Green Island Ferry15:5017:00F/O Hilliger
Lt Bergen
31 October 1945Test08:5009:25F/Lt Kidd
LAC Fitter
31 October 1945Mail Drop ANGAU10:0011:45F/O Long
LAC Heugh
8 November 1945Photography (Local)08:4509:45F/Lt Stevens
8 November 1945Photogtaphy10:0010:40F/Lt Stevens
14 November 1945Mail Run - Numa-Kieta08:4510:15F/Lt Collis
LAC Wright
15 November 1945Recco Northern Area05:1007:20F/O Thewlis
Maj Johnson
17 November 1945Survey - Drop Sites08:2510:00F/O Madill
Maj Clarke
18 November 1945Piva-Jacquinot and Army coop10:0012:05F/O Robertson
26 November 1945Jacquinot-Piva09:0011:00F/O Ellis
24 December 1945Supply Drop Sohanna-Numa10:1512:00F/Lt Collis
30 December 1945Piva Jacquinot ReturnF/O Hilliger


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Record updated on 20 December 2018.


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