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WWII era Bellman Hangars at Deniliquin, NSW (Daniel J. Leahy, 2014)
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Boston A28-34

Aircraft Model:Douglas A-20A Havoc
Manufacturer:Douglas Aircraft Company
Identities:40-3160; A28-34
Units:No. 22 Squadron, RAAF


5 November 1943Received by No. 15 Aircraft Repair Depot, RAAF, ex US 5th Air Force.
Aircraft renumbered as A28-34.
Allotted to No. 22 Squadron, RAAF.
19 December 1943Received by No. 22 Squadron, RAAF.
6 July 1944Allotted to No. 15 Aircraft Repair Depot, RAAF, for overhaul of petrol system and starboard inner fuel cell change.
4 August 1944Issued to No. 15 Aircraft Repair Depot, RAAF.
11 August 1944Aircraft undergoing repairs at Dobodura.
17 October 1944Received by No. 15 Aircraft Repair Depot, RAAF.
22 February 1945Approval given for conversion to components.
18 April 1945Issued for conversion.


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National Archives of Australia [NAA] 1945, Aircraft Status cards - Boston Bomber A28-1 to A28-40, A28-50 to A28-78, A10297, BLOCK 211.

Record updated on 1 April 2018.


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