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Ex-RAAF C-47 Dakota on display at Mulwala, NSW (Daniel J. Leahy, 2014)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, RAAF - August 1944

1 August 1944 to 31 August 1944 - COOMALIE CREEK
STRENGTH :- As at the end of AUGUST 1944 the strength of the Unit consisted of:-
8 Officers
85 Airmen including 4 Security Guards attached.
TOTAL :- 93 Personnel.

POSTINGS.:- F/O J.A. LOVEGROVE Pilot posted out on completion of full Operational Tour.

OPERATIONS :- During the month the LIGHTNING completed 6 operational flights, MOSQUITO A52-2 completed 3 and MOSQUITO A52-4 is at present engaged on operations with the U.S. 5th Air Force, based at NOEMFOOR IS. The WIRRAWAYS were used for local photographic work.

AIRCRAFT :- The 2 WIRRAWAY aircraft were used for local photographic work but flying was restricted due to unserviceability caused by lack of Hydraulic Rubbers. The LIGHTNING A55-1 has completed 6 operational flights during the month since returning from TOWNSVILLE. Unserviceability causing it to return to base on one occasion due to generator trouble. MOSQUITO A52-2 was flown to NOEMFOOR IS. but adverse weather did not allow completion of the projected operation from that base, the aircraft finally being structurally damaged by heavy hail stones encounted in a tropical storm and necessitating its return to DARWIN for repair. MOSQUITO A52-4 arrived on the Unit during the month and was flown to NOEMFOOR to carry out photographic reconnaissance for the 5th Air Force - still away at time of writing. Hudson A16-47 arrived from LOWWOOD on the 28th Aug. from Survey Flight to carry out a Military Survey of local areas and will be attached to this Unit to the completion of the survey.

TRAINING :- F/Lt. C.J. RUSH was converted to the MOSQUITO aircraft during the month.

MOSQUITO A/C :- 34-15 hours
LIGHTNING A/C :- 45-35 hours
WIRRAWAY A/C :- 14-25 hours
TOTAL :- 90-15 hours.

EQUIPMENT :- Aircraft and Photographic spares and equipment have been coming to hand satisfactory and DE HAVILLAND Liaison Officer has been very co-operative in regard to MOSQUITO spares.

PHOTOGRAPHIC :- During the month 6 Operational and 4 Local Photographic Flights were completed. 2000 operational prints, 1280 reproductions of target maps were made also 1950 prints of General subjects.
The second MOSQUITO Aircraft arrived and is no use with the following alternate Camera set up. (1) Trimetrogon 6" K17 Camera. (2) Reconnaissance 12" K17 Vertical 20" F52 Vertical and 8" F24 Oblique.

TRANSPORT :- The Transport position is now much brighter. Request for disposal of the two utilities which were in a very poor condition has been placed with H/Q NWA and two 4 x 4 Chevrolet utilities have been allotted to the Unit. The staff car has been issued to No. 14 ARD for a "G" inspection and all overdue inspections are now almost completed.

WELFARE :- Picnic outings were arranged for the airmen to Mendell Beach and Berry Springs
A table tennis tournament was arranged with No. 31 SQUADRON and supper was served and enjoyed by all. On the 28th Aug, '44 the second anniversary of the Unit was celebrated with a dinner in the Airmen's Mess and a concert later in the evening. A debating society has been inaugurated, the first meeting being held on the 30th, turning out quite successfully. The basket ball field had been cleared and made ready for play - Teams have been formed for games during next month.
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