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RAAF Form A.50

No. 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, RAAF - August 1942

1 August 1942 to 31 August 1942 - LAVERTON
STRENGTH. During AUGUST, 1942, additional postings brought the strength of the unit to the following figures:-

The unit moved from LAVERTON to HUGHES FIELD, NORTH WESTERN AREA, during the month. The first party, consisting of one officer, four photographers and four fitters, left LAVERTON on 12/8/42, proceeded from PARAFIELD to BATCHELOR on 14/8/42, and proceeded thence by road to HUGHES FIELD. Four officers flying Buffalo aircraft left LAVERTON on 18/8/42 and arrived at HUGHES FIELD on 19/8/42. One officer flying a Wirraway left LAVERTON on 14/8/42 and arrived at HUGHES FIELD on 17/8/42.
The main party consisting of three officers and seventy-two other ranks accompanied by the bulk of the unit's ground equipment, left LAVERTON on 16/8/42 and arrived at HUGHES FIELD on 28/8/42, leaving one officer and six other ranks to follow with equipment that still had to be rounded up at the time the main party left. This "rear guard" was still in transit at the end of the month, having left LAVERTON on 28/8/42, and being due to arrive at HUGHES FIELD on 9/9/42.

During the raid by Japanese aircraft on 23/8/42, approximately 150 bombs were dropped at HUGHES FIELD, resulting in the total loss by burning of one of the unit's Buffalo aircraft (A51-6), and the unit's Wirraway (A20-599). No other material damage was caused to unit equipment during this raid, and there were no casualties to personnel.

Three cameras with long focal length lens were installed in each aircraft. These were later removed, and one wide-angle lens camera substituted in each aircraft for training purposes.

Training for operational work and aerial photography was intensified on arrival in NORTH-WESTERN AREA, and arrangements were put in hand for making photographic reconnaissances of various aerodromes and other sites within the NORTH-WESTERN AREA, thereby combining operational training with the production of photographic material urgently required by authorities within the AREA. The schedule of dates for each reconnaissances begins as from 1/9/42.

The Unit possessed the following aircraft at the end of AUGUST, 1942.
Brewster Buffalo - A51-1
Brewster Buffalo - A51-3
Brewster Buffalo - A51-5

The Unit possessed the following transport at the end of AUGUST, 1942.
1 Staff Car
1 Heavy tender
1 Light tender
1 Photographic tender, (on loan from the American Army)
1 Water trailer
2 Motor cycles
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