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WWII era Bellman Hangars at Deniliquin, NSW (Daniel J. Leahy, 2014)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, RAAF - February 1943

1 February 1943 to 28 February 1943 - COOMALIE CREEK
STRENGTH:- At the end of FEBRUARY 1943 the strength if the Unit consisted of:-
107 AIRMEN (3 W.O.s,) 1 F/Sgt., 8 Sgts. (1 attached) 18 Cpls. (2 attached) 77 LAC's (15 attached) Mr. Partridge YMCA representative now operating from this Unit.

PHOTOGRAPHIC SURVEY AND OPERATIONS:- Unfavourable weather conditions restricted local survey work and no operations were carried out in Lightning aircraft due to unserviceability. S/Ldr. LAW. in Brewster Buffalo aircraft carried out a photographic reconnaissance of WILLCOTT INLET and MT. HOUSE and inspected the aerodrome at MUNJA.

AIR SUPPORT:- Crews have been training in methods of Air Support for the Army, and practice in location of targets, recognition procedure, straffing and tactical reconnaissance has taken up most of the Unit's flying time for the month. 9000 rounds have been fired in air to ground gunnery practice and as supplies of practice 20 lb. fragmentation bombs are now held, it is expected that bombing practice will be carried out at an early date.

AIRCRAFT:- Lockheed Lightning A55-1 unserviceable. Some engine test flights were carried out in this aircraft and it was ferried to No. 1 Aircraft Depot by F/Lt. C.C. LAWRIE on 12th. FEBRUARY 1943 for a 240 hourly inspection.
Republic Lancer A56-3 Serviceable.
A56-4 Serviceable.
Serviceability was good during the month and many Air Support exercises were carried out in these aircraft.
Brewster Buffalo A51-1 Serviceable.
A51-3 Serviceable.
Serviceability was good and Air Support exercises and some photography carried out.
Wirraway A20-178 Unserviceable.
This aircraft was ferried from Rear Echelon PRU by F/Lts H.M. Angwin and P.B. SINNOTT. Engine trouble was experienced en route and the engine is now undergoing inspection.

Lockheed Lightning 12 hours 50 mins.
Republic Lander 29 hours 15 mins.
Brewster Buffalo 34 hours 15 mins
Wirraway 15 hours 55 mins.
Total times for all types 92 hours 15 mins.

VISITS:- The following have viited this Unit during FEBRUARY:-
Group Captain SIMS and Group Captain HELY from N.W. AREA - 14th. FEBRUARY 1943.
Group Captain CAMPBELL from RAAF H.Q. and Wing Commander KILBY from N.W. AREA - 15th. FEBRUARY 1943.
Group Captain WRIGHT from Directorate of Air Training, RAAF H.Q. - 16th. FEBRUARY 1943.

TRANSPORT:- The Unit possessed the following transport at the end of FEBRUARY 1943:-
1 Staff Car
3 Heavy Tenders
2 Light Tenders
1 Utility
1 Stores Tender
1 Photographic Trailer
1 Photographic Tender
1 Water Trailer
1 Petrol Tanker
2 Motor Cycles
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