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Noseart on Gloster Meteor VH-MBX (Daniel J. Leahy, 2013)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, RAAF - December 1942

1 December 1942 to 31 December 1942 - COOMALIE CREEK
STRENGTH:- At the end of DECEMBER 1942, the strength of the Unit consisted of:-
120 AIRMEN (3 W.O's, 2 F/Sgts., 4 Sgts. 21 Cpls. 90 A.C's.)

CHANGE OF COMMAND:- During the absence of the Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader, L.W. LAW, the Unit is being temporarily commanded by Flight Lieutenant, C.C. LAWRIE, as from 12/12/42.

MOVEMENT OF UNIT:- Projected movement of the Unit from HUGHES to COOMALIE CREEK was completed by 6th. DECEMBER 1942. The Advance Party consisting of twenty-two men proceeded to COOMALIE CREEK on 5th. DECEMBER 1942 and the AIR and MAIN Parties on 6th. DECEMBER 1942. Brewster Buffalo A51-3 remains at HUGHES FIELD until spare parts are available.

PHOTOGRAPHIC SURVEY AND OPERATIONS:- Three attempts were made during the month to carry out operations in LIGHTNING aircraft but these were not successful. Pilots were forced to return through experiencing engine trouble and, on two occasions, bad weather conditions. Unserviceability and bad weather conditions have caused progress on demands from A.S.C., A.H.Q. (RAAF), C.S. and A.A. Units to become negligible.

NIGHT VISION TESTS:- On 19th. DECEMBER 1942, the following pilots were teted for night vision. Flight Lieutenants C.C. LAWRIE, H.M. ANGWIN, F.H. ROBILLIARD, W.H. TALBERG and Flying officer P.B. SINNOTT. (See Appendix "A" for copy of Letter)

This aircraft has been unserviceable for the greater part of the month due to unavailability of spare parts and poor performance of one engine. The trouble was traced to the intercooler system, which had developed considerable leakage causing loss of power. Total hours flown in LOCKHEED LIGHTNING aircraft for month of DECEMBER were 14-45 hours.

REPUBLIC LANCER:- A56-3 serviceable.
Further trouble has been experienced with the braking system of this aircraft.
A.56-5 piloted by Flight Lieutenant H.M. ANGWIN crashed into the edge of the runway after landing, due to brake failure, and has now been allotted, together with A56-4 to No. 4 RSU for repair. Total hours flown in REPUBLIC LANCER aircraft for month of DECEMBER 1942 were 7-55 hours.

BREWSTER BUFFALO:- A51-1 & A51-3 unserviceable.
Squadron Leader L.W. LAW piloted A51-1 to AMBERLEY for its 240 hourly inspection which it is still undergoing. A51-3 remains at HUGHES FIELD awaiting spare parts. Total hours flown in BREWSTER BUFFALO aircraft for DECEMBER were 6-20 hours.


TRANSPORT:- The Unit possessed the following transport at the end of DECEMBER 1942:-
1 Staff Car
3 Heavy Tenders
1 Light Tender
1 Utility
1 Ambulance
1 Tractor
1 Photographic Trailer
1 Photographic Tender
1 Water Trailer
1 Petrol Tanker
3 Motor Cycles
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