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RAAF Form A.50

No. 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, RAAF - November 1943

1 November 1943 to 30 November 1943 - COOMALIE CREEK
STRENGTH:- As at the end of November 1943 the strength of the Unit consisted of:-
[?] Officers
78 Airmen --- 1 W/O, 8 Sgts, 10 Cpls, 59 ACs.
7 Airmen --- Security Guards (duty only)
6 Airmen --- On command 380th BOMBARDMENT GROUP, photographic duties.

VISITS:- Lt/Col. CURMES of the BRITISH MILITARY MISSION visited this Unit to gain information on the work this Unit is doing. He expressed, the opinion that the standard of this Units work was very good

POSTINGS:- During the month F/O J. LOVEGROVE has been posted to this Unit. F/O LOVEGROVE after spending some time in the MIDDLE EAST on Blenheims, escaped from JAVA in a lifeboat, arriving at AUSTRALIA after 46 days in an open boat.

OPERATIONS:- The Unit has carried out 7 operations over TIMOR, KAI ISLANDS, TANIMBAR GROUP, ROTI ISLAND.
In spite of adverse weather conditions the results of these operations have been surprisingly good. Eleven photographic surveys have been carried out in WIRRAWAY aircraft. On four occasions we have co operated with the ARMY by dropping flares for A/A practice.

PHOTOGRAPHIC SECTION:- During the month of NOVEMBER numerous Reconnaissance Operations have been successfully carried out despite heavy clouds and storms over the Target Areas and resultant difficult printing negatives.
Building operations, additions and alterations for air-conditioning eetc, have been in progress during this time and are still being carried out.
A number of airmen have completed their tropical service and have been posted south.
A detachment of photographic personnel from this Unit are instructing and assisting the American photographic section on operational photography at 380 BOMBARDMENT GROUP.

EQUIPMENT SECTION:- Demands are now coming forwarded satisfactory. N.W.A. have now given this Unit permission to A.O.G. and E.O.S. on U.S.L.O, Forward Echelon and N.E.A. for LIGHTNING aircraft spares which is working very satisfactory. Permission has also been given to demand for LIGHTNING aircraft spares on 7 S.D. Master Depot.

AIRCRAFT:- LIGHTNING A55-3 returned early in the month from TOWNSVILLE having had new engines fitted.
LIGHNTING A55-1 is at TOWNSVILLE at present undergoing a change of engines.
Serviceability of WIRRAWAYS A20-178 and A20-558 has been good.

WIRRAWAY A/C 47 hours 25 minutes.
LIGHTNING A/C 56 hours 21 minutes.
TOTAL 103 hours 46 minutes.

TRANSPORT:- During the month two light general service trucks were sent away to No. 4 RSU for a "G" inspection. Two reconditioned trucks were received in their place which are very satisfactory. One being a truck which was previously on strength of this Unit.
The Unit possessed the following transport at the end of NOV. 1943:-
2 Heavy Tenders
2 Light Tender
1 Ambulance
2 Utilities
1 Photographic Tender
1 Water Trailer
1 Mobile Kitchen
1 Motor Cycle
1 Stores Tender

WELFARE:- The alterations to the Sergeants Mess have now been completed. Three new dart boards have been purchased and one put in each of the three messes. Numerous picnics were arranged in which most of the personnel of the Unit at some time or other participated.
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