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RAAF Form A.50

No. 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, RAAF - October 1943

1 October 1943 to 31 October 1943 - COOMALIE CREEK
STRENGTH:- At the end of October 1943 the strength of the unit consisted of:-
7 Officers
88 Airmen --- 2 W/O's, 9 Sgts, 9 Cpls, 68 ACs.
11 Airmen ---- Security Guards (duty only) and Mobile Works Personnel
2 Officers are on command, ferrying duties, and 15 of the 89 airmen are detached for duty to various squadrons.

VISITS:- Air Marshall G. JONES, Chief of Air Staff accompanied by Air Vice-Marshall A.T. COLE, A.O.C. N.W.A. and staffs inspected aircraft and flight workshops on 11th. October 1943. S/Ldr. L.W. LAW RAAF Command, inspected the Photographic section on 8th. October 1943.

POSTINGS:- Flying Officer H.J. FURNER was posted to No. 6 SFTS Malala wef. 18/10/43

OPERATIONS:- Operations were not carried out due to unserviceability of aircraft. 19 sorties for local photography were made in Wirraways which were also employed in flare dropping for anti-aircraft practice and experimental night photography.

PHOTOGRAPHIC SECTION:- 380th, BOMBARDMENT GROUP operational photography which was previously processed by this unit is now being done at FENTON. One W/O. and six airmen are on duty at that unit to assist the Americans in the production of operational photography. A photographic tender and 5 K.V.A. power unit has also been loaned to No. 380 BG.
Reconstruction of the photographic section has been started and also the installation of an air conditioning plant is well underway. Numerous mosaics and pin-points of local areas have been flown and processed, together with photographs taken for Army Co-operation.

EQUIPMENT SECTION:- A cool room for storage of sensitized photographic materials has been installed and is in operation.

WELFARE:- Owing to numerous postings within the unit a new welfare committee has been appointed. The alteration of the airmen's mess was completed this month, also the sergeant's mess is now undergoing reconstruction. It was decided at a committee meeting that if possible, a fishing net is to be purhcased. A cricket team is to be formed as well as two Baddington teams. It is hoped that these teams will be able to take part in a series of competitions. Several picnics were organized in which the majority of the unit participated.

AIRCRAFT:- Lightning A55-1 unserviceable. Wirraway A20-178, A20-558 serviceable. A20-558 has returned from No. 4 R&SU after an engine change. Serviceability of Wirraways has been good.

WIRRAWAY A/C. 57 hours 30 mins.
LIGHTNING A/C. ---------------
TOTAL 57 hours 30 mins.

TRANSPORT:- The Unit possessed the following transport at the end of OCTOBER 1943:-
1 Staff Car
2 Heavy tenders
1 Light tender
1 Ambulance
1 Utility
1 Photographic Tender
1 Water trailer
1 Mobile Kitchen
1 Motor Cycle.
1 Stores tender.
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