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RAAF Form A.50

No. 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, RAAF - January 1944

1 January 1944 to 31 January 1944 - COOMALIE CREEK
STRENGTH:- As at the end of January 1944 the strength of the Unit consisted of:-
8 Officers
66 Airmen --- 1 W/O, 4 Sgts, 10 Cpls, 51 Acs.
7 Airmen --- Security Guards (duty only).

POSTINGS:- During the month the following Officers have been posted from the Unit:-

OPERATIONS:- No operational flights have been carried out during the month, owing to unserviceability of aircraft. WIRRAWAY aircraft have been used for local photography flights and flare dropping during Army Co-operation. Weather during the month was most unfavourable for photographic flying.

PHOTOGRAPHIC SECTION:- During the month, no aerial reconnaissance missions were carried out, owing to the unserviceability of the LIGHTNING aircraft. Local areas photographed.
The Section also carried out photographic finishing for 380th BOMB GROUP, when that Unit deemed it necessary.
Numerous Target Maps and other Intelligence photography was carried out for N.W. Area., Intelligence Section, and several photographic (Ground) jobs were also executed.
The air-conditioning of the photographic workrooms is now complete, and working satisfactorily. The rewiring of the building is at present under way, and should be completed early in February.
The three aerial photographers mentioned in the December report having received further training, have now reached a satisfactorily standard of proficiency.

EQUIPMENT SECTION:- Equipment for the month came to hand satisfactorily and the Units photographic stores were built up so as to be in a position to supply other Units in the Area under Area, Equipment Administrative Instruction.

AIRCRAFT :- LIGHTNING aircraft A55-1 was ferried from TOWNSVILLE, arriving at this Unit on 6th January. After a careful check was made by our own ground crew, The aircraft was used for several local training flights. On the night of the 10th. instant, A55-1 suffered damage as a result of moving from its chocks during a severe [line] squall, rolling out of the insert and striking the train on the opposite side of the road. As a result this aircraft has been unserviceable for the remainder of the month.
WIRRAWAY A20-178 has been serviceable all the month. WIRRAWAY A20-558 has been unserviceable all the month.

LIGHTNING A/C 11 hours 55 minutes
WIRRAWAY A/C 23 hours 05 minutes
TOTAL:- 35 hours.

TRAINING :- F/Lt. A.H. HERMES and F/Lt. W. GREEN went off solo in LIGHTNING aircraft during the month. F/O J. LOVEGROVE and F/O C.J. BUSH carried out twin-engined training on BEAUFORT aircraft at No. 2 Squadron.

TRANSPORT :- There was no great change in Transport during the month, with the exception that a motor cycle combination was received from No. 4 R&SU, after a "G" inspection, but unfortunately is still in a poor condition and requires replacing. One has already been allotted to this Unit, but is not to hand.

WELFARE. Unit personnel enjoyed several picnics during the month.
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