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WWII era Bellman Hangars at Deniliquin, NSW (Daniel J. Leahy, 2014)
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RAAF Form A.50

RAAF Station Canberra, RAAF - April 1942

1 April 1942 - CANBERRA
CAPT. Van AUKEN - Commanding Officer, No. 8 Pursuit Squadron, USA, relinquished his command and proceeded on Operations duties to BANKSTOWN.
CAPT. A.W. STRAUSS - arrived and took over duties as Commanding Officer, No. 8 Pursuit Squadron.
Lt. G. VAN-RIJN and Party of Dutch Officers arrived by air from ARCHERFIELD at 1400 hours. Party consisted of five (5) N.A.F. Personnel.
3 April 1942 - CANBERRA
F/LT. McKENZIE - SOUTHERN AREA, Equipment Section, visited the Station.
4 April 1942 - CANBERRA
FIVE(5) OFFICERS, 100 other ranks, Personnel of NETHERLANDS AIR FORCE arrived by train from MELBOURNE, and took up quarters on this station.
6 April 1942 - CANBERRA
A/S/O. I.M. WISEMAN (First WAAAF Officer) arrived on Station Strength.
9 April 1942 - CANBERRA
F/O McGILVRAY, F/O S.J. MADDEN and Crew, arrived in W2564 from BANKSTOWN at 1500 hrs. to Calibrate HF/DF. Station.
10 April 1942 - CANBERRA
F/O McGILBRAY, and F/O MADDEN completed D/F. Calibration and left for COOTAMUNDRA by air.
11 April 1942 - CANBERRA
AIR OFFICER COMMANDING - Air Commodore BOYCE, with S/Ldr. HENDERSON, arrived by air from RICHMOND at 1140 hours, and after a Conference with the Commanding Officer, took off for LAVERTON at 1500 hours.
13 April 1942 - CANBERRA
LT. J.L. BERTHOLD, with Party of eight (8) Officers and 135 other Ranks, left by 0940 train for BRISBANE. (USA PERSONNEL)
14 April 1942 - CANBERRA
REPORT received from Police at GOULBURN that an Aircraft crashed near CROOKWELL at 1200 hrs. S/Ldr. COBBY and STATION MEDICAL OFFICER proceeded to scene of crash and were later able to establish identity as ANSON AX420 Ex-COOTAMUNDRA on reconnaissance. The following personnel were with the Aircraft. 414263, L.A.C. ROJAHAN, 414297, SIDORUNKO, A., 413920, SAUERBIER, H.M., 411414, WALKER, B.E., Aircraft totally destroyed by fire: Members killed: Remains shipped to COOTAMUNDRA, where all necessary action under A.F.Os. was taken.
16 April 1942 - CANBERRA
F/O GREENFIELD, P/O LONGSTAFF and P/O CALLAGHAN, arrived from COOTAMUNDRA in A36-1, on the selection of Inland Petrol Dumps.
CHIEF OF AIR STAFF, Air Chief Marshal, Sir CHARLES BURNETT, KCB, CBE, DSO, arrived by air at 1200 hours.
17 April 1942 - CANBERRA
F/Lt. L.J. JOHNSTON, with a party of three (3) Officers and twenty-one (21) other ranks (NEI) arrived from MELBOURNE.
21 April 1942 - CANBERRA
W/Cdr FIEDELDY (NEI) arrived by train from MELBOURNE to take command of No. 18, RAAF, (NEI) Squadron.
CAPT. BOOT (NEI) arrived by air from ARCHERFIELD.
28 April 1942 - CANBERRA
CHIEF OF AIR STAFF, Air Chief Marshall, Sir CHARLES BURNETT, KCB, CBE, DSO, arrived by air for War Cabinet Meeting at 1225 hours.
No. 3, SCHOOL of ARMY CO-OPERATION, Course completed, and personnel proceeded to various Units.
29 April 1942 - CANBERRA
F/Lt. SPAIN, Area Works Officer, Southern Area, arrived by train from MELBOURNE on a Station inspection.
S/Ldr. J.H. WRIGHT (71), Commanding Officer, No. 4 Squadron, arrived by train from SYDNEY at 1400 hours and took up duties with 4 Squadron.
No. 27613, Sgt. VIVIAN, K.B., 4 Squadron, was accidentally killed by revolver fire, 2140 hrs. at ALBURY. He was with 4 Squadron detachment on an army exercise.
30 April 1942 - CANBERRA
NEI PERSONNEL held a ceremony and hoisted their National Flag on the Post Office Flag pole in honour of their Princess' Birthday.
F/O HODGES of No. 2 (Training) GROUP, (Comforts Section) visited this station on General Welfare.
F/O M. MURRAY of RAAF Headquarters, MELBOURNE, Engineer, visited the Station on inspection of NEI Aircraft.
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