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RAAF Form A.50

RAAF Station Canberra, RAAF - January 1942

2 January 1942 - CANBERRA
(A.O.C.) Air Commodore BOYCE arrived at 1000 hours, departed 1530 hours.
5 January 1942 - CANBERRA
Air Commodore F.M. BLADIN arrived from LAVERTON by air at 1700 hours.
6 January 1942 - CANBERRA
Army Co-operation School officially opened at 0900 hours by Minister for Air, and Minister for the Army. Present were Air Commodore F.M. BLADING, Lieutenant Colonel HARRISON, Commanding Officer Wing Commander S.deB. GRIFFITH.
Air Commodore F.M. BLADIN left for LAVERTON at 1400 hours.
Pilot Officer S.E. ROSS killed in Wirraway A20-106 about 1600 hours at WILLIAMTOWN.
10 January 1942 - CANBERRA
Professor DEAKIN, Mr. MOORE, Mr. HASLET, called on Commanding Officer and discussed camouflage.
11 January 1942 - CANBERRA
No. 4 Squadron WILLIAMTOWN, detachment arrived on Station.
12 January 1942 - CANBERRA
No. 4 Squadron TOWNSVILLE, detachment arrived on Station.
14 January 1942 - CANBERRA
Flight Lieutenant F.H. GILCHRIST F/Sergeant McKINNON K.S. arrived by rail 1515 hours (train 2 hours late) F/Lt F.H. GILCHRIST Inspection Officer, F/Sgt. McKINNON K.S. Ammunition Examiner.
15 January 1942 - CANBERRA
General Sir Iven MACKAY and party visited Station at 1115 Hours. The General gave an address to School of Army Co-operation. Also present was Brigadier COMBES and Personal Assistant to General Sir Iven MACKAY (Captain SMITH)
17 January 1942 - CANBERRA
Wing Commander R.H. SIMMS arrived by air from LAVERTON 1100 hours. Squadron Leader MORAN & Squadron Leader GREEN arrived by air from MASCOT at 1100 hours.
20 January 1942 - CANBERRA
Colonel ANDERSON D/M Training, Lieutenant Colonel BUNDY Officer Commanding Military Schools visited the Station.
Two (2) aircraft arrived from Stores Depot for 4 Squadron.
22 January 1942 - CANBERRA
Wing Commander J.N.T. STEVENSON (R.A.F.) arrived on Station and took over duties as Commanding Officer School of Army Co-operation.
Flight Lieutenant F.H. GILCHRIST and Flight Sergeant McKINNON left for RICHMOND after Station Armoury inspection.
24 January 1942 - CANBERRA
Pilot Officer B.J. DAVIS posted to 24 Squadron. Squadron Leader G.B. ATKINSON and Flying Officer BETHEL left on posting to Southern Area and POINT COOK respectively.
25 January 1942 - CANBERRA
Flying Officer D.L. PANK posted to 24 Squadron.
26 January 1942 - CANBERRA
Flight Lieutenant SPAIN arrived from Southern Area Headquarters on Barracks duties, and departed the same evening.
"B" Flight No. 4 Squadron departed for CRESSY for air to air firing.
27 January 1942 - CANBERRA
Wing Commander S.deB. GRIFFITH A.F.C. posted to DARWIN.
28 January 1942 - CANBERRA
Wing Commander S.deB. GRIFFITH A.F.C. departed by air for Air Force Headquarters having relinquished command. Wing Commander I.D. McLAUGHLIN arrived by air and assumed command of the Station.
Wing Commander R.H. SIMMS and Wing Commander P.J. BENJAMIN arrived in afternoon on an inspection.
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