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Wreck of B-24 'Milady', Northern Territory (Daniel J. Leahy, 2012)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 457 Squadron, RAAF - July 1943

17 July 1943 - LIVINGSTONE.
Fine and hot. Shadow firing.
18 July 1943 - LIVINGSTONE.
Fine and hot. The Wing was scrambled at 0930 hours but 452 and 54 Squadrons were ordered back to base soon afterwards as the plots proved to be a Dinah recconaissance machine. This was spotted by S/Ldr. James, who went in pursuit with the remainder of his section. Little impression was made on the aircraft, whose speed was great. However, after a fierce struggle with his belly-tank, S/Ldr. James managed to jettison it from his aircraft, and was consequently able to close in to about 250 yards, whereat he fired a 2-second burst of cannon and machine gun, and saw pieces of aircraft fly off, and almost immediately afterwards saw the aircraft fall in flames. A parachute was seen to fall in the area, which was roughly twenty miles south of POINT STUART, near LAKE FINNISS. Later in the afternoon, F/Lt. J.S. Newton, F/O K. Alderson and P/O I.S. Morse 'took off' in the Squadron's jeep to search for the enemy aircraft, and pilot, if any, on a hazardous route via ADELAIDE RIVER and unplotted tracks.
Squadron aircraft arranged to lead them in the search.
19 July 1943 - LIVINGSTONE.
Fine and hot. Aircraft assisted land party in search for crashed aircraft.
Formation flying; co-operation with AA guns.
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