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Livingstone Airfield, Northern Territory (Daniel J. Leahy, 2012)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 452 Squadron, RAAF - June 1944

12 June 1944
To-day was the first real break in the long spell of operational monotony that has hung over the area since before Christmas. 452 Squadron was fortunate to be on readiness during the early daylight hours, and they electrified when a "Scramble", was given at 0700 hours. Twelve airplanes were quickly airborne and Fighter control quickly implemented their plans for trapping any Japanese "recces" who might come within the net. This recce was aparently making for FENTON area and while our airplanes were gaining height they were vectored to the perimeter of the area. Here their duty was to cut off the escape of the "Recce" after he had finished his run.
At 0809 hrs F/O GAMBLE made contact with the enemy a/p, a "DINAH", over Pt Blaze, gave "Tally Ho" and made a successful Starboard quarter attack on the enemy at 28,000 ft. In this attack a large hole was made in the Dinah's starboard wing and his starboard engine cowling was knocked off. The enemy started to lose height and then F/O O'Loughlin and P/O Beaton also made attacks on the enemy airplane which went into a spin, recovered at about 3,000 ft and then glided into the sea and exploded. All three of our pilots made attacks on the enemy while he was descending and they were credited with 1/3 each. During the attack F/O O'Loughlin's engine over-revved and he was forced to bail out. He did so at 13,000 ft and landed in the sea close to the shore. He swam to the beach and was seen and rescued within two hours by a Catalina, very little the worse for his experience.
The morale of the squadron is greatly improved by this action and all the personnel are eagerly waiting for the next enemy to show up. The A.O.C. sent a congratulatory telegram which was much appreciated by all hands, when it was read to them at the C.O's parade next morning.
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