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Wreck of P-38 'Japanese Sandman', Oro Province, PNG (Daniel J. Leahy, 2006)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 54 Squadron, RAF - February 1943

6 February 1943 - Darwin
A memorable day for the squadron since it marked our first real kill in Australia
F/Lt. Foster destroying a DINAH light bomber, apparently engaged on recco., about 35 miles WNW of Cape Van Diemen at 1250 hours.
F/Lt. Foster was White 1 and both he and his No. 2, F/S. Mahoney, saw the Jap. hit the water in flames. General jubilation.
The funeral of Sgt. McCarthy took place this afternoon. The party started from the Camp at 1400 hours and included the CO, the Adjutant and most of the Sergeant-pilots. Unfortunately the scrambles and all the excitement of our first "kill" were in progress until it was too late for some of the Sergeants to get to the funeral. F/Lt. Bedbie, who has now taken up his quarters with us, conducted the simple ceremony.
In the evening the morning's victory was duly celebrated in the mess, the senior NCO's joining the officers, and after two "extensions" this memorable day drew to a close.
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