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RAAF Form A.50

No. 7 Service Flying Training School, RAAF - August 1941

1 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
STRENGTH OF PERSONNEL: The total strength of Personnel on Station at this date -- Officers 42. N.C.O's 52, Airmen 475. Total 569
6 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
The Commanding Officer Wing Commander S.A.C. CAMPBELL visited Wagga and returned by air.
7 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
No. 403802 L.A.C. CRAWFORD G.R. Course 13 Flying Training discontinued.
Construction Works -- Main Roadways have been sealed. Erection of first Belman Hangar commenced. Portion of Tarmac sealed. Gymnasium framework erected. Officers' Mess nearing completion. Hospital Buildings also nearing completion.
11 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Squadron Leader I.S. WILLIAMS proceeded 1 T.G. on posting. Flying Officer CROPLEY R.T. appointed Officer Commanding Instructional Section.
Weather Conditions --- Windy conditions necessitated abandonment of flying after lunch.
No. 401450 L.A.C LAURITZ L.S. Course 13. Flying Training Discontinued.
No. 408183 L.A.C. HAYES C.J. medically unfit - ceased flying training pending decision of Medical Board.
12 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Weather Conditions ---- Flying abandoned early in the day owing to windy conditions.
Flight Lieutenant J.D.G. DUNN Dental Officer arrived from No. 1 S.F.T.S.
Transport Additions -- Three light sliding tilt tenders arrived by road from No 1 Stores Depot.
14 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Flight Lieutenant Wagstaff, Flying Officer Power, Squadron Leader Forsyth and Flight Lieutenant Wyatt visited the Station.
15 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Wing Commander Campbell proceeded to Benalla by air and returned same date.
Flying Officer Lockwood proceeded to Benalla by air and returned same date.
16 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Flying Officer Johnstone and Two Sergeant Pilots delivered three aircraft to this Station from 1AD. Flying Officer Cooper and Sergeant Pilot arrived from 1AD with two aircraft.
18 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
No. 401741 L.A.C. CAMERON R.H. Course 13 Flying Training Discontinued.
Squadron Leader I.S. WILLIAMS ARRIVED ON attachment.
19 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Wirraway A20-302 ground looped and broke oleo leg and damaged port main plane.
20 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Commanding Officer Wing Commander S.A.C. CAMPBELL visited Kerang Aerodrome by air. This aerodrome is being used by this Station for cross country flights
Sick Leave - Flight Lieutenant E.W. LEGGATT, proceeded to Melbourne on sick leave
Station Hospital Opened.
21 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Night Flying commenced on this date.
Officers' Mess was opened on this date the officers having their first meal in the new Mess at Breakfast on that day.
22 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Special train has been arranged to Melbourne once every three weeks. This train will enable airmen to have weekend in Melbourne. Leaves Deniliquin Friday night and returns Sunday night.
No. 401763 LAC CAMERON H.S. Course 13 Flight Training Discontinued.
23 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
The second intake of trainees arrived from Narrandera and Temora via Finley.
Signal received that Flight Lieutenant E.W. LEGGATT had been admitted to R.A.A.F. HOSPITAL MELBOURNE.
24 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Flight Lieutenant G. WALKER temporarily commanded Station during Wing Commander S.A.C. CAMPBELL'S absence.
The Commanding Officer Wing Commander S.A.C. CAMPBELL travelled by air to Benalla and there entrained for Melbourne to attend Training Conference No. 1 T.G.
25 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Squadron Leader Williams, Flight Lieutenant Scott, Flying Officer Cropley proceeded to Melbourne to attend above Conference. Station Post Office opened for business.
26 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Seven new aircraft arrived from Laverton in charge of Flight Lieutenant MONK.
Air Commodore ANDERSON arrived by air from Laverton and Mildura.
Flight Lieutenant PETERS proceeded to No. 1 T.G. for Navigation Conference
27 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Air Commodore ANDERSON departed for Laverton by air. The Commanding Officer Wing Commander Campbell and Flight Lieutenant Scott also Flying Officer Cropley returned from Training Conference. Squadron Leader Williams ceased attachment 7 S.F.T.S.
28 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Flight Lieutenant H.W. BAKER church of England Padre arrived. Flight Lieutenant Peters returned on completion of Conference.
No. 411468 LAC McDONNELL, No. 411328 LAC JACOBS D. 411346 LAC McGIFFORD R. 411268 LAC AKHURST K. failed in leg length test. Flying training discontinued.
29 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
The Commanding Officer Wing Commander S.A.C. CAMPBELL proceeded to Sydney on leave.
Flight Lieutenant W.W.G. SCOTT to command station during Commanding Officer's absence.
Flight Lieutenant E.J. BRUNCKHURST arrived to take over duties as Station Engineering Officer. Pilot Officer F.B. MINCHIN DELIVERED new aircraft from Richmond and returned to Richmond via rail.
30 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
401851 LAC PULS H.J. Course No. 14 Flying Training Discontinued.
31 August 1941 - DENILIQUIN
All construction works on Station progressing well. Hospital nearly completed and occupied. Gymnasium nearing completion. Airmens' quarters and kitchens completed. Trainees quarters and Mess all nearing completion. Transport Sheds completed and occupied Workshops Work commenced on foundation. Hangars Three hangars are erected and work commenced on fouth. School of Instruction Buildings All these building are nearing completion.
Total number of Wirraway aircraft on the station 42.
Officers on the Station 46 Other ranks 800.
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