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RAAF Form A.50

No. 7 Service Flying Training School, RAAF - July 1942

1 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
F/Lt R.E. ALLMAN posted to School of Army Co-operation, CANBERRA.
2 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
A20-586, Nature of Accident - Class "D". Pilot - No. 416977 LAC McLACHLAN, (Course 24) Aircraft swung while taking off on pupil's first solo; port mainplane and airscrew damaged.
3 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
LAC HENRY, A.R. fired against signals at Gunnery Range. AC1 VIVIAN shot through calf of leg.
4 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
Course 21(P) C.O.'s conference. Recommendations for commissions.
7 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
A20-120. Nature of Accident - Class "D". Pilot - No. 416977 LAC McLACHLAN, (Course 24) Instructor - F/O R. CLAY. Engine cut out after take off; engine cowl, oil cooler, flaps and airscrew damaged.
8 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
Course 20(P) posted; 22 commissions and 45 Sergeants.
Sgt WYNDHAM, I.R. low flying in A20-361 and struck tree. Sgt WYNDHAM charged and summary of evidence taken.
9 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
A20-202. Nature of Accident - Class "D". Pilot - No. 416987 LAC OWEN, W.R. (Course 24) Trainee forgot to change petrol tanks; forced landing with wheels up. Mainplans, flaps, centre-section, wheel fairing, oleo leg, fuselage metal skin damaged. Disciplinary action taken against pupil.
13 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
LAC COTTLE, W.D. in A20-247 forced landed at SWAN HILL during night flying.
14 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
E.A.T. Scheme policy again changed. The period of training to be 6 months at S.F.T. Schools.
17 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
A20-203. Nature of Accident - Class "C". Pilot No. 412761 LAC TOOTH, D.E.R. (Course 23) Pupil failed to carry out correct vital actions - landed with undercarriage up. Flaps, lower ring cowl, airscrew and oil cooler damaged. Disciplinary action taken against pupil.
20 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
LAC GERMAIN, C. and LAC HOOPER, R.J. reported overdue in A20-221.
21 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
Aircraft searched for missing aircraft.
22 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
No flying. 43 aircraft continued search for A20-221.
23 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
Five aircraft took off to search SWAN HILL district for A20-221. Report received that missing aircraft A20-221 found 15 miles east of DENILIQUIN. Crash party sent out. LAC GERMAIN and LAC HOOPER identified - both killed. Committee of Adjustment, cosisting of F/O F.J. GILLESPIE, member and F/Lt W.M. FOWLER, President appointed by Commanding Officer to investigate the affairs of the late LAC's GERMAIN and HOOPER.
24 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
A20-590. Nature of Accident - Class "D". Pilot No. 417023 LAC WEIDENBACK, (Course 23) Instructor - F/Sgt. N. TURNER. Aircraft struck by another aircraft after landing. Aerial mast and airscrew damaged.
A20-332. Nature of Accident - Class "C". Pilot No. 415470 LAC FISHER, W.N. (Course 23) Aircraft struck another aircraft while landing. Extensively damaged; almost complete write off. Pupil slightly injured.
25 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
F/Lt LEY posted and F/O I. KEIR transferred to No. 1 Maintenance Squadron in his place.
26 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
Sgts WYNDHAM, CLARE, SHILLAND, LIEBERMAN and SANDEL posted to CFS to undergo Elementary Instructors Course.
27 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
Aircraft A20-380 swung 45 to starboard off Flare Path and collided with A20-76.
A20-37. Nature of Accident - Class "D". Pilot - No. 408530 LAC VICKERS, H.R. (Course 24) Instructor - P/O W.E. MILLER. Oil filter gauze collapsed due to rag being left in engine after maintenance inspection. Forced landing; airscrew, centre section, flaps and cowling damaged.
Mr. HAMILTON visited Unit and showed film programme on RAAF Rehabilitation Scheme.
S/Ldr J.W. DARLING reported on posting from No. 4 SFTS GERALDTON, for duties as Station Administrative Officer.
28 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
LAC HOLT, E.W. forced landed 4 miles south east of DENILIQUIN in aircraft A20-337.
29 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
S/Ldr R.S. NICKOLL departed on posting to No. 2 AP BANKSTOWN for duties as Commanding Officer, of the new Unit.
Flight Officer HERRING from Air Force Headquarters, made an inspection visit relative to WAAAF conditions. G/Captn WATERS, SASO and F/Lt CULL, Works Officer, from No. 1 T.G., visited the Station.
31 July 1942 - DENILIQUIN
Aircraft. The percentage of average working serviceability for the month of July was 68%
Serviceability at the date of this report is - Serviceable 97 aircraft; Unserviceable 61 aircraft. Total flying time for the month was 5111 hours. The following inspections were carried out during the month - 240 hourly .. 16; 80 hourly .. 40; 40 hourly inspections .. 63. 28 engines were installed during the month.
The total number of aircraft now on strength of the unit is 158 Wirraways, 3 Moth Minors and 1 Gipsy Moth.

Rainfall 78 points.

Movement of personnel on the Unit.
Arrivals .. .. 71
Departures .. 205

Strength of Personnel.
Officers .. .. 90
Nursing Staff . 4
WAAAF Officers . 1
Trainees .. .. 140
A'man Pilots .. 36
Airmen .. .. 880
WAAAF .. .. 100
Total Strength . 1251
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