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RAAF Form A.50

No. 7 Service Flying Training School, RAAF - October 1941

2 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
S/Ldr. WALKER and party departed for LAVERTON to ferry six aircraft back to DENILIQUIN.
A20-42 piloted by No. 403849, LAC ANDREWS K.C.; at two thousand feet the pilot changed from right to left tank. Later the engine cut out. Trainee pilot forced landing with undercarriage up.
6 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Wing Commander POOL visited the station by air and departed same date. Nine new Wirraway aircraft were delivered to the station.
7 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Training of LAC O'SULLIVAN discontinued. Unlikely to make efficient Service Pilot.
8 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Flying ceased in afternoon owing to gusty wind conditions and rain squalls. Douglas DC2 arrived from 2 WAGS BALLARAT with W/T Operator Trainees - Forced to stay overnight because of bad weather. The Commanding Officer W/Cdr. CAMPBELL proceeded by air to 1 A.D. with F/O ROBEY to take delivery of new Wirraway aircraft. C.O. returned same date.
S/Ldr F.S. PARLE Chief Medical Officer arrived on the station to take up duties.
W/Cdr. BALMER and S/Ldr. WHITE visited the station and departed the next day.
10 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
F/O BOYD And two officers arrived from 1 A.D. with three new Wirraway aircraft.
11 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
S/Ldr. LEGGATT arrived back on this station from sick leave.
P/O HARMAN departed on 17 days of sick leave. F/Lt. LOCKWOOD departed on 10 days sick leave.
13 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
S/Ldr. THOMPSON C.O. 11 EFTS and F/Lt. HARRIS C.G.I. same unit visited the station.
A20-306 piloted by 408637 LAC CARRUCAN K.J. Trainee pilot was engaged on solo navigation exercise DENILIQUIN-WAGGA and return. On landing at WAGGA pilot held off too high and as the aircraft settles port wing tip touched the ground. Slight damage.
14 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
A20-202 piloted by F/Lt. C.C. COOPER. Crew, 2nd pilot 408811 LAC JAMES R.R. Due to engine internal failure. Pilot carried out successful forced landing from 4000 feet.
15 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
F/O S.F. LEY departed on 12 days sick leave.
16 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
W/Cdr. CAMPBELL and F/Lt. MACLEOD proceeded by air to MALLALA. S/Ldr. WALKER Temporarily Commanding station during C.O's absence.
18 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
F/Lt. MUNRO arrived on attachment until 14.11.41 in Advanced Training Squadron.
Trainees Course No. 16 arrived from EFTSs. This station has now 200 trainees, which is full establishment.
19 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
W/Cdr. CAMPBELL and F/Lt. MACLEOD returned this station from MALLALA. Two new flights "Y" and "Z" formed, completing the formation of A.T.S. F/O KIMPTON O.C. of "Y" Flight. F/O J. MENZIES Actg. Flight Commander "Z" Flight.
20 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
P/O S.F. FRANCIS, Equipment Duties, arrived on station.
21 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
P/O R.V. DORMAN, A.S.D., arrived on station for Engineering Duties. Intake of Course 14 - Strength 34. Sergeant Pilots LAUGHLIN, R.H., SHERWIN C.F., EDMENDS W.C., KITCHEN P. posted to A.T.S. A20-379. Piloted by F/Lt. ALLMAN. Crew, 2nd Pilot 411533 LAC SEDGWICK M.C. While carrying out instrument flying the instructor noticed a drop in Revs. Instructor carried out successful forced landing in small paddock. On inspection noticed that the oil line had become disconnected at the rubber connection resulting in total engine seizure.
22 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
F/Lt. J.A. BOND attached to 2 T.G. prior to posting.
23 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
LAC SMITHERAN became lost while on a Cross-country Flight. Ran out of petrol and forced landed with wheels down 5 miles N.W. of HAY. No damage done. Trainees No. 13 Course were permitted to wear their Flying Badge. P/O PARRY and F/Lt. NEVILLE visited the station by air from BENALLA.
24 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
A20-304. Piloted by Trainee Pilot 408652 LAC McKERNAN. Trainee pilot engaged in navigation exercises. The pilot was unable to locate his position and executed a successful precautionary landing in a suitable field 5 miles east of "Rennie" Station, NSW.
F/Lt MACLEOD and party of 16 airmen departed by train for PORT PIRIE for Air to Air Gunnery practice. P/O PARRY and F/Lt. NEVILLE departed by air.
25 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
P/O K.A. McCAUL arrived on station to take up flying duties. "W" Flight Air party departed for PORT PIRIE. F/Lt. FOWLER in charge. F/O BURROWS and F/O PETERS leading formation. Forced down by bad weather at MILDURA.
26 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
"W" flight still grounded at MILDURA.
27 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
First runaway gun accident. 11 holes in airscrew. F/Lt. FOWLER and party left MILDURA 1100 hours. Arrived PORT PIRIE at 1325 hours. F/Lt. GALTON and P/O GILLESPIE arrived to take up Flying Duties. Tropical Dress is to be worn from this date onwards.
28 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
A20-206. Piloted by trainee pilot 408672 LAC DAWSON A.C. While carrying out a circuit and landing during his second solo period on Wirraway aircraft, was interrupted while carrying out procedure for lowering undercarriage on downwind leg by approach of another aircraft. Procedure was not correctly carried. Visual indicators were not looked at and the pilot landed the aircraft with the undercarriage retracted. WANDOCK aerodrome used for first time for night flying.
30 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
S/Ldr. WALKER departed by air for PORT PIRIE 1100 hours. Arrived 1410 hours.
31 October 1941 - DENILIQUIN
Construction work on station is nearing completion. (With the exception of the workshops buildings, which is still in the foundation stage). Nine hangars are already erected. Water tower is completed and tanks are being constructed on tower. Condition of aerodrome hard and dry but in excellent condition except that aircraft disturb a certain amount of dust. Wirraway aircraft on station at this stage 91. Personnel on station at this date 1025 airmen and 63 officer. "X" Flight Ground party departed for PORT PIRIE by train. F/O JOHNSTONE in charge. S/Ldr. WALKER returned from PORT PIRIE.
The percentage of average working serviceability for the month of October was 73%.
In addition to the normal attention necessary to 91 aircraft the following work has been completed: 3 Engine changed; 13 180-hourly inspections; 61 60-hourly; and 93 30-hourly.
Maintenance Wing Strength: 8 Officers, Headquarters 11 airmen, No. 1 Sqdn. 207, No. 2 Sqdn. 178 and Workshops 98.
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