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RAAF Form A.50

No. 5 Service Flying Training School, RAAF - January 1942

1 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
The effective strength at 31/12/41 - 49 Officers, 97 Traineers, 646 Airmen - Total 792.
Air Commodore D.E.L. WILSON visited the unit.
2 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
Wirraway A20-433 (Pilot - Pupil No. 411608 LAC SANDELL, R.O.) taxied into Wirraway A20-451 which was stationary on the aerodrome. The following damage was incurred:-
Port Wingtip, port mainplane. The pilot was not injured.
P/O R.D. TREGONNING (401839) arrived for Wireless Air Gunnery duties.
3 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
S/Ldr. C.E. TOBIN proceeded on posting to No. 2 SFTS, WAGGA, for duty as School Administrative Officer.
F/Lt. V.S. VINCENT (1815) was appointed Station Administrative Officer and P/O F. COSTELLO (3075) Adjutant.
4 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
S/Ldr. I.S. WILLIAMS (RAF 34188) proceeded on posting to No. 8 SFTS, BUNDABERG, as Chief Ground Inspector.
5 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
F/Lt. G.B. MORRIS (2082) proceeded on posting to No. 6 EFTS, TAMWORTH, for medical duties.
F/Lt. F.T. HUMPHREY (1369) arrived for medical duties.
Chaplain The Reverend A.A. Dougan arrived.
8 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
Group Captain U.E. EWART detached to Headquarters No. 2 (Training) Group as Temporary Officer Commanding.
Wing Commander J.W.C. BLACK was appointed Temporary Commanding Officer, No. 5 SFTS.
Wirraway A20-484 arrived (F/Lt. A.E. COOK).
9 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
Wirraway A20-484 (F/Lt. A.E. COOK) proceeded to LAVERTON to fly Group Captain U.E. EWART from LAVERTON to MASCOT via URANQUINTY.
The following General Duties Officers arrived:- F/Lt. E.D. EDDISON (563), F/O G.W. KEIG (727), F/O L. McBRYDE (407005), F/O P.B. SINNOTT (827), P/O N.S. LIGERTWOOD (407244).
12 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
Six Wirraways arrived. A20-489 (F/Lt. COX), A20-490 (F/Lt. EDDISON), A20-491 (F/O KEIG), A20-486 (F/O McBRYDE), A20-487 (SGT. FELGENHAUR), A20-488 (SGT. DAYMOND).
13 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
Wirraway A20-412, whilst landing at URANQUINTY, touched down and balooned. It then stalled and struck the ground with the port wingtip and swung violently to the left, removing both legs of the undercarriage. The pilot, Pupil No. 412609, LAC CONNOR, E.G., was not injured. The following damage was incurred:- Port and starboard wingtips and mainblades, airscrew all blades, both undercarriage legs, centre section.
16 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
Five Wirraways arrived. A20-420 (F/Lt. NEWTON), A20-422 (F/O. SUSANS), A20-388 (F/O McCULLOCH), A20-448 (F/O PAXTON), A20-487 (F/O GIBSON).
18 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
Motor Ambulance No. C11111 arrived.
19 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
Wing Commander G.M. ROBINSON visited the Unit in Stinson A38-1 piloted by F/Lt. PYE.
P/O O.T. WITTS (3685) arrived for Administrative Duties in No. 1 Maintenance Squadron.
20 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
The following General Duties Officers arrived:- F/Lt. T.W. DUNN (439), F/Lt. J. HICKEY (542), F/O P.F. STANTON (757).
21 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
Wirraway A20-445 lost speed in pulling out of a dive and spun into thr ground at No. 5 SFTS. The pilot, F/O G.W. KEIG (727) and crew No. 26790 LAC MONFRIES, G.B., W/T. Operator, were both killed. The aircraft was completely destroyed.
Wirraway A20-417, when landing at No. 5 SFTS, ground looped due to failure to lock tail wheel. The pilot No. 406426 SGT. TOMLINSON, O.J., and pupil pilot No. 412621, LAC McAULIFFE, L. were not injured. The following damage was incurred:- Port mainplane, port wingtip, port oleo leg strut and wheel, tyre and tube.
22 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
Vega Gull Aircraft A32-1 arrived from LAVERTON.
Group Captain U.E. EWART ceased detachment to No. 2 (Training) Group as Officer Commanding.
23 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
Vega Gull Aircraft A32-1 departed.
P/O C.P. GODHARD (2655) proceeded on posting to Headquarters, Southern Area, for duty with Air Observer Corps.
27 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
Miles Falcon Aircraft A37-1 (F/Lt. PYE), passengers S/Ldr. HOLE and F/O BRIDGE visited the Unit.
28 January 1942 to 30 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
No. 64 (G.P.) Squadron carried out a 3-day trial move to COROWA on 28th JANUARY, 1942, and returned to URANQUINTY on 30th JANUARY, 1942. Ground personnel (being 40% of the total squadron ground personnel) left URANQUINTY by motor transport at 0930 hours on the morning of the 28th JANUARY together with the equipment required for the move. The convoy arrived at COROWA aerodrome at 1400 hours. The squadron of 18 Wirraways (3 Flights of six) took off from URANQUINTY at 1240 hours and proceeded to COROWA via DENILIQUIN. All aircraft had landed at COROWA by 1445 hours. Operational training was carried out on THURSDAY, 29th JANUARY, 1942. During the training aircraft A20-410 forced landed at Wodonga through engine failure. The pilot, F/O L.K. BROWN, and Observer No. 401455 SGT. MILLIGAN, R.I., were not injured. The airscrew, Flaps and Centre Section were damaged. The squadron returned at 1200 hours and the ground personnel returned at 1700 hours on the 30/1/42.
29 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
Moth Minor A21-31 (F/Lt. Hickey) arrived.
30 January 1942 - URANQUINTY, NSW
Two transport vehicles arrived. Trailer No. 10505 and Tip Truck No. C11134.
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