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Livingstone Airfield, Northern Territory (Daniel J. Leahy, 2012)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 3 Service Flying Training School, RAAF - March 1942

1 March 1942 - AMBERLEY
Strength of Unit - Officers 125, Nursing Sisters 2, Staff Nurses 10, Aircrew 209, WAAAFs 64, Airmen 1119. Total 1529. US Army Air Corps attached - approx. 1000.
A/F/Lt. T.W. Patrick arrived on posting from No. 3 BAGS for Armament duties.
2 March 1942 - AMBERLEY
Anson W1587, S/Ldr. Galvin and crew four departed for Bundaberg at 0905 hours. Anson AW667, F/Lt. Higginson departed for Evans Head at 0925 hours. Returned at 1215 hours.
4 March 1942 - AMBERLEY
F/O W. Greenfield arrived this unit on posting from H'qrs., Archerfield as supernumerary Met. duties.
5 March 1942 - AMBERLEY
Course No. 16 Passing Out Parade reviewed by G/Cpt. Lachal. P/O's A. Moline, A.G. Shand, L. McClyntock, A. Sandell, F. Jeffrey departed on posting to No. 24 Sqn. P/O's J. Cowan, A. Burne, L. Dunham, H.W. Farley, F. Anderson departed this unit on posting to No. 11 Sqn. P/O's D. Thrift, R. Stone, R. Thistlethwaite, J. Todd departed on posting to No. 33 Sqn.
6 March 1942 - AMBERLEY
Anson AW1618 W/Cmdr. Carr, W/Cmdr. Thomas, crew three arrived Amberley.
7 March 1942 - AMBERLEY
Anson AW1618, W/Cmdr. Carr, W/Cmdr. Thomas, W/Cmdr. Berry, S/Ldr. Lambert departed for Bundaberg via Maryborough; returned to Archerfield - bad weather. Anson W665 departed for Archerfield to take W/C. Berry to Maryborough. Anson W665 returned from M'borough.
8 March 1942 - AMBERLEY
F/O C. Waters departed on posting to H'qrs. Townsville for medical duties.
9 March 1942 - AMBERLEY
P/O's R. Fairfax, K. Fitzroy, A. Gawler, R. Hamilton, A. Jackson, D. Kerr, W. Leslie, S. Leunig, McLaren, McLeod, I. Wood, L. Wurr arrived on posting from 2 ANA, Nhill for flying duties.
10 March 1942 - AMBERLEY
W/Cmdr. F.J.B. Wight arrived this unit on posting from H'qrs. Laverton as supernumerary pending appointment as commanding officer No. 3 SFTS, Kingaroy.
11 March 1942 - AMBERLEY
F/O W. Greenfield departed on posting to Hqrs., Townsville for Met. duties.
12 March 1942 - AMBERLEY
F/O H.G. Bond arrived on posting from Air Force H'qrs., Q'ld. division for Met. duties.
Battle V1207, Sgt. Todd, F/Lt. Cummins arrived from Evans Head. Anson W9954, G/Cpt. Lachal, F/Lt. Gordon departed for Parkes en route to Essendon. Five Ansons in charge S/Ldr. Galvin proceeded to Bundaberg.
15 March 1942 - AMBERLEY
P/O S. Harnett departed on posting to No. 1 RD for Barracks duties. Battle 1207 departed 1000 hours for Evans Head. Anson W9954, G/Cpt. Lachal, F/Lt. Gordon arrived from Narromine 1100 hours.
16 March 1942 - AMBERLEY
Staff Nurses Miss L. Rule and Miss E.L. Matthews arrived on appointment. Following posted from No. 3 SFTS to Hqrs., Amberley - G/Cpt. Lachal as Commanding Officer, F/O D. Levy as Adjutant, S/Ldr. S. Gardiner as S.A.O., F/O E. Mogenson as Transport Officer, F/O R. Nelson as Control Officer, F/Lt. J. Starr as Barracks Officer, F/O C. Skinner as Messing Officer, F/Lt. J. Rusch for accounting and pay duties, F/O W.G. Amos, accounting and pay duties, F/Lt. L. Dunwoodie as Equipment Officer, F/O M. Hall, Equipment duties, F/O W. Roby for Signal duties. Advanced Training Squadron moved to Kingaroy. Air movement commenced 1330 hours. Thirty-nine Ansons departed at intervals from 1330 to 1530 hours. Trainees and ground staff departed by rail from Ipswich for Kingaroy at 1945 hours.
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