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WWII era Bellman Hangars at Deniliquin, NSW (Daniel J. Leahy, 2014)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 4 Elementary Flying Training School, RAAF - January 1940

2 January 1940 - MASCOT
No. 4 EFTS was formed on 2nd January, 1940, at Kingsford Smith Aerodrome, Mascot, in accordance with A.F.C.O. 36/1939. Unit to be administered through Headquarters, No. 2 Group. Postings to the unit on that date were S/L A.W.L. ELLIS, MC, to command, F/L G.S. COLEMAN as Chief Flying Instructor, and P/O R.L. FORBES for Equipment and Adjutant.
(2) No official accommodation being available, H.Q. was established in the Clubhouse of the Royal Aero Club of NSW.
(3) Although established as a unit of the RAAF, the unit was organised to include a civilian element, viz. the flying training flights, which, however, are to be under the supervision and control of the Commanding Officer so far as flying training is concerned.
(4) Arrangements were made to form four Flights for flying instruction and contracts were entered into with four civilian flying training organisations - Royal Aero Club of NSW, Kingsford Smith Air Services Pty. Ltd., Airflite (Pty) Limited, and Newcastle Aero Club to instruct cadets at the contract price of £2.12.6. per flying hour.
(5) The Civil Aviation Department Casualty Room was taken over as Station Sick Quarters, and an ambulance and fire tender station and a lecture room was provided in Airflite (Pty) Ltd. No. 2 Hangar.
(6) "D" Flight was situated at Newcastle, flying and some ground instruction being carried out by the Newcastle Aero Club and lectures visited Newcastle at intervals to give further lectures.
(7) No. 2 Government Hangar was taken over on 2/1/40 from the Civil Aviation Dept. and Messrs. Paul and Gray (Lessees).
8 January 1940 - MASCOT
Postings - F/O KILBY H.H. (Temp. F/L) from 1 FTS, C.G.I.
F/L WOOTTEN F.I., from Stn. H.Q., Rich. M.O.
Cadets - 24 cadets reported for instruction - 7 posted to "D" Flight Newcastle.
No official accommodation being available, cadets were accommodated at an Hotel at Brighton-le-Sands at their own expense. Meals to be provided by the Aero Club.
17 January 1940 - MASCOT
No. 2 Government Hangar occupied as Unit H.Q. and Store and Transport Section and sleeping accommodation, for airmen.
[Unreadable] water near forced landing area. A/c partially submerged and extensively damaged. Pilot A.F. BROWN died from injuries and pupil, Air Cadet H.R.I. COX seriously injured.
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