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RAAF Form A.50

No. 100 Squadron, RAAF - March 1942

1 March 1942 - RICHMOND
On the authority of AFCO 24/42 dated 28th February 1942 No. 100 Squadron RAF which had been employed as an operational training unit on loan to the RAAF became w.e.f. 25.2.42 No. 100 Squadron RAAF stationed at RAAF Station RICHMOND.
The units role was designated as a G.R. (T) being equipped with Australian built Beaufort aircraft. An establishment of aircraft (12 IE 6 IR) and personnel was issued by Airboard and postings of RAAF personnel against the establishment commenced.
7 March 1942 - RICHMOND
At this date the unit was commanded by Wing Commander A.W.D. Miller, 33171, and officered by the original members of No. 100 Squadron, RAF - 38 RAF airmen who formed the nucleus of the maintenance personnel were at first supplemented by a number of RAAF personnel attached from No. 2 Aircraft Depot, RICHMOND.
About this date the Squadron strength of Aircraft was twelve, due to lack of adequate maintenance personnel and facilities the task of organising the Squadron as an operational unit was retarded.
Flying activities at this stage (approx 1st week) were hampered due to the heavy unserviceability of aircraft, occasioned by the lack of personnel and facilities already mentioned. A limited amount of operational training was done and daily operational patrols usually by two aircraft were carried out.
During the second week of March additional ground personnel were posted to the unit and difficulties occasioned by lack of maintenance crews were somewhat alleviated.
13 March 1942 - RICHMOND
Following requests for advice regarding state of Squadron training methods and progress, weekly reports on training carried out to be submitted, to Southern Area and S/Ldr. Kirby - F/Lt. Mitchell proceeded to Laverton to confer with W/C Balmer on these matters.
16 March 1942 - RICHMOND
Posting of Wing Commander A.W.D. MILLER (RAF) to No. 5 Fighter Sector H/Q DARWIN advised.
Wing Commander J.R. BALMER (68) posted to Command No. 100 Squadron.
Work commenced, to improve squadron organisation and personnel were allocated to flights.
25 March 1942 - RICHMOND
Revised syllabus of squadron training prepared and submitted to Headquarters, Southern Area for approval - Training commenced in accordance with syllabus.
Additional RAAF pilots, observers, and gunners were posted bringing squadron up to establishment in these personnel. With few exceptions Air Crew personnel posted are inexperienced in operational work and require considerable training before becoming operationally proficient.
31 March 1942 - RICHMOND
Squadron strength in aircraft at this date was seventeen (17).
Strength of personnel thirty (30) officers, and two hundred and fifteen (215) other ranks.
Attached hereto as Appendix "A" is Form A51 showing details of operations carried out during the month of March.
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