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Ex-RAAF C-47 Dakota on display at Mulwala, NSW (Daniel J. Leahy, 2014)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 87 Squadron, RAAF - September 1945

1 September 1945 to 30 September 1945 - COOMALLIE
As at 30th September, 1945.
Officers - 26 and 1 attached.
Airmen - 219 and 6 attached.
Total - 245 and 7 attached. GRAND TOTAL - 252.

F/O J. GIBBONS (49128) - NAV. W. departed for 1 PD on 3/9/45.
F/L. K.F. BAILEY (408947) - G.D. Pilot. posted to 2 PD ex leave on 31/8/45.
F/O H.S. REYNOLDS (439909) - NAV. W. departed for 2 PD on 9/9/45.
F/O F.S. McKEEVER (404738) - NAV-INTELL) departed for NWA HQ on 6/9/45.
P/O R.W. FERGUSON (430749) - F.C.O. departed for NWA HQ on 18/9/45.
F/O R.H. BRIGGS (3536) - (Engineer) departed for 3 PD on 28/9/45.
F/O F.A. HAYMES (438623) - NAV. W. departed for 1 PD on 26/9/45.
F/O W.D. KERR (12543) - NAV. BW. arrived ex. 2 RPP on 20/9/45.
F/O I.H. McGREGOR (10485) - Engineer arrived from 14 ARD on 23/9/45.
F/O D. ADAMS (5510) - G.D. Pilot arrived ex 2 RPP on 24/9/45.

P/O J.R.C. BAESJOU (441768) and P/O D.W. BATZLOFF (440593) promoted to the rank of Flying Officer wef 6/7/45.

Mr. Herbert VINNICOMBE, Inspector, Board of Business Administration, visited the Unit on 12th September, 1945..

Mosquito 330 hours 25 minutes.
Wirraway 52 hours 55 minutes.
TOTAL 383 hours 20 minutes.

One new MK.16 Mosquito - A52-603 arrived on the 24th September, bringing the total of operational aircraft to twelve (12). The acceptance check was completed satisfactorily. A52-9 left for De Havillands on the 2nd September, for a major check on the Starboard Undercarriage.
A52-600 left on a non-operational trip to Western Australia on the 11th September, but on arrival at GUILDFORD the starter motor was found to be unserviceable and another had to be flown down from the Squadron before the aircraft could be returned on [unreadable]
There were two (2) forced landings during the month. F/L. HENRY took off on an operational flight in A52-601 on 15th September, and had to drop the drop tanks and return to base with a severe rev. drop. S/Ldr. LAW took off on an operation in A52-604 and was just airborne when the Port engine failed and the con-rods fractured the crankcase necessitating his immediate return. Both engines of this aircraft are to be replaced.
The acceptance checks were also completed on A52-618 and A52-619 which were received last month.
The serviceability for September was lower than for the previous month, being,
Mosquito MK.16 and 40 - 51%
Mosquito MK.3 - 100%
Wirraway MK. - 52%

All crews have carried out local flying practice and F/O ADAMS and Navigator were converted onto MK.16 Mosquito aircraft under local conditions. Also night flying practice was carried out by three (3) crews in A52-1010 from RAAF DARWIN on 10th September.

During September 43 Operations were ordered and only one was cancelled. This number is an all time record for the Squadron. Practically all operations for the month have been low level trips and included a small number of photographs. Thus the weather has had little effect on the success of the sorties and practically all have been carried out completely.
Many photographs from low level were taken of KOEPANG and DILLI, materially helping in the occupation of these points. Since the occupation of TIMOR, aircraft from this Squadron have been doing visual reconnaissances of the main raods and barge points. Besides TIMOR, operations have been carried out over the FLORES, SUMATRAS, TANIMBARS, KAIS and ALORS.
No Ack Ack was encountered during the month but numerous sightings of M.T. and small shipping were made on almost every low level trip.
No local photography was done during September but the usual number of practice flights were carried out.

During the month a light utility was exchanged for a general service tender, otherwise the number of vehicles for this section has been unchanged.
An additional two fitters D.M.T. and one D.M.T. have been posted in; thus replacing transport in a more workable position.

During the month photographic was combined with visual reconnaissance on thirty (30) operational sorties.
F24 Nose fitted cameras were used at lowl level to provide photographs of KOEPANG for the landing of occupational troops and equipment.
Mapping runs at 30,000 feet, using K17-12" and 6" cameras were successfully carried out over TIMOR.
Figures for the month show that there were 2,967 operational negatives made, and a total of 7.728 prints made from aerial and ground negatives.

The basketball competition has been completed with the Unit team running out confortable victors in the grand final and thus winning the championship. The performance was all the more meritorious as our team lay third at the end of the qualifying round and had to play three matches in the final round to win.
A BATCHELOR Zone Swimming Carnival was held at Manton River on 1st September. Although the Unit team scored only two second places, our competitors were never out of the running and several times were beaten for places by only a touch.
Two football matches were played, both on our own ground. The Squadron easily defeated North Western Area team in the first game but were well beaten by No. 12 ARD in the second game.
In a table tennis match, officers defeated sergeants.
Picnics are still arranged weekly and crib tournaments have taken the place of the former Thursday night Euchre Tournaments.
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