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RAAF De Havilland Mosquito A52-609 at Coomalie, NT (State Library of SA [PRG 1435/4/1], 1945)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 87 Squadron, RAAF - July 1945

1 July 1945 to 31 July 1945 - COOMALIE
As at 31st. July, 1945.
OFFICERS 31 + 1 attached
AIRMEN 217 + 1 attached
TOTAL: 248 + 2 attached

F/O O.J. OPIE (428260) - Flying Control Officer ceased attachment and proceeded to 1 PD on 2/7/45.
F/Lt. R.H. LANGSFORD DFC (407621) - G.D. Pilot and his Navigator F/O T.J. TOZER (441472) were posted South on completion of Operational Tour, departing 11/7/45.
No. 416878 W/O MONAGHAN, J.J. - Nav. W. (Operations Officer) departed on posting to 4 PD on 13/7/45.
F/Lt. A.L. SPURGIN DFC (404120) - G.D. Pilot, S/Ldr. K.J. GRAY (402119) - G.D. Pilot and his Navigator W. F/O W.E. SUDLOW (427958) departed South on completion of operational tour on 25/7/45.

P/O O.J. JONES (422643) - Air Gunner - ex 2 RPP - arrived 1/7/45 for Operations Room Duties.
S/Ldr. L.W. LAW (144) - G.D. Pilot arrived from 5 OTU on 28/7/45 to take over Command of the Squadron. S/Ldr. H.A. GAMBLE and his Navigator F/O LOBB have been posted, but not yet departed at the time of this report.

F/O K.M. DEE (406472) - G.D. Pilot was promoted to Flight Lieutenant wef 19/5/45.
P/O J.A. HARDWICK (443607) and P/O H.L. WILLIAMSON (441783), Navigators W. were promoted to Flying Officer wef 14/4/45.

Mosquito 243 hours 5 minutes.
Wirraway 34 hours 45 minutes.
Total Flying Times for JULY, 1945 - 277 hours, 50 minutes.

Air Commodore H.F. De La RUE CBE, DFC, ADC Inspector of Administration, Air Board visited this Squadron on 26th. JULY, 1945.

During the month of JULY, 1945, 26 operations were ordered and 3 were cancelled. Of the 23 completed sorties, 11 were 90% to 100% successful, 9 were partially successful and 3 were totally unsuccessful.
The usual targets were covered and included EAST JAVA, BALI, SOEMBA, FLORES, SOUTH EAST and SOUTH WEST CELEBES, TIMOR and the KAI ISLAND Groups.
The only sightings for the month were the usual small harbour craft and one 500 ton vessel anchored off KAMBING ISLAND, BIMA BAY. Ack Ack was encountered on two occasions, once by F/Lt. LUNDBERG who received 15 bursts of heavy inaccurate ack ack over DAIKALO on 1/7/45 and once by F/Lt. HENRY who experienced 2 moderately accurate heavy bursts. No damage was sustained on either occasion.
Eight local photography flights were carried out in Mosquitos A52-604, A52-613, A52-601 and Wirraways A20-165 and A20-572, as well as a large number of local practice flights.

Three new Mosquito Aircraft were received during the Month of JULY, 1945 from No. 2 Aircraft Depot, RICHMOND.-
A52-610 arrived on 4/7/45, A52-613 arrived on 7/7/45 and A52-616 arrived on 26/7/45.
General acceptance checks for the three aircraft were all completed satisfactorily. We now have 10 Operational and one Trainer Mosquitos and two Wirraways. No aircraft were released from this Unit for the month.
Serviceability for JULY was higher than last month and was as follows:-
Mosquitos Mark 16 and 40 - 68%
Mosquitos Mark T3 - 71%
Wirraways - 87%

A satisfactory month has been completed. However photographic reconnaissance on several missions was hampered by poor weather conditions.
The longest successful photographic mission was completed to SEMARANG in JAVA, a distance of approximately 2,300 miles. Excellent vertical photographs were obtained.
The total number of prints produced for this month was 12,700, which was an increase of 2,212 on last month, and the heaviest month since NOVEMBER, 1944.
An F.24.5" Oblique Camera was installed in the nose of Mark 16 Aircraft for the first time in this area. It was tested satisfactorily and was used for locating Radar Stations al low level over the South Coast of TIMOR.

Day Flying Training was carried out by F/Lt. BAILEY and crew after his return from leave and night flying was completed from RAAF Station, DARWIN by three crews in Mosquito A52-1010.

Transport position is practically the same as for 30/6/45, except that certain vehicles have been replaced by ones in much better condition. For the Month of JULY, the following vehicles were allotted away:-
1 4 x 2 Ambulance,
1 4 x 4 Weapon Carrier,
2 4 x 2 G/S. Trucks,
1 4 x 4 G/S. Trucks,
1 Tractor.
Over the same period the following vehicles were brought on to strength:-
1 4 x 2 Ambulance,
2 4 x 2 G/S Trucks,
1 4 x 2 Stake-side.
1 Indian Motor Cycle
1 Tractor,
1 4 x 4 Weapon Carrier
Seven "D" Inspections were carried out for the month and the G/S. Truck listed as unserviceable in the report for JUNE is still in the same condition owing to the lack of spare parts.

Spare parts generally are coming to hand quite satisfactorily although certain specific items are difficult to obtain even through E.O.S. and A.O.G. procedure.
Only two items were demanded through A.O.G. procedure during the month, both being received.
Advice is to hand concerning the receipt by No. 9 Stores Depot of portion of Task 266 comprising airborne spares for Mark 16 Aircraft, so the spares position should improve still further during AUGUST.
The delay in approving requested amendments to establishment in Workshop, Electrical and Photographic Section Equipment is causing concern. Amendments required were forwarded to Headquarters, North Western Area and no advice whatsoever has been received regarding most of the items. A full list is being prepared and Area Headquarters action to expedite approval and allotment will be requested before this coming week end.

Sports. Three cricket matches were played during the month, Signals defeating and drawing with Officers, and "A" Flight defeating Officers.
The basketball competition is well under way, the Unit team having played nine matches for five wins, and is lying fifth on the list.
In preparation for the forthcoming competition, footballers have commenced training on the newly cleared and graded sports ground.
Education. Weekly intelligence lectures are now being given by Air Crew members due to the departure of former Intelligence Officer F/L. CUMING.
General. Euchre tournaments and picnics are held weekly.
During the month personnel from the Unit assisted by three artists from Headquarters, North Western Area entertained with a concert on the Unit. The show proved quite successful and a similar performance is planned in the near future. Assistance in the form of artists and equipment from N.W.A. Headquarters has been promised.
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