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RAAF Form A.50

No. 87 Squadron, RAAF - June 1945

1 June 1945 to 30 June 1945 - COOMALLIE
As at 30th. JUNE, 1945.
OFFICERS 36 and 2 attached.
AIRMEN 223 and 3 attached.
TOTAL 259 and 5 attached. GRAND TOTAL 264.

F/Lt. H.J. ARMOUR (402839) - G.D. Pilot ex. 2 RPP arrived 1/6/45.
F/O K.M. DEE (406472) G.D. Pilot ex. 2 RPP arrived 1/6/45.
P/O J.R. RAESJOU (441768) G.D. Nav.W. ex. 2 RPP arrived 1/6/45.
P/O D.W. BATZLOFF (440593) G.D. Nav.W. ex 2 RPP arrived 1/6/45.
416878 W/O MONAGHAN, J.J. - Nav.W. ex. 2 Squadron, arrived 3/6/45 for duties as Operations Officer.
F/O A.J. OPIE (428260) - Flying Control Officer, arrived 6/6/45 from 82 Wing on attachment for Flying Control Duties.
F/Lt. L.G. CRISP - Chaplain - ex. 53 OBU, arrived 13/6/45 for Chaplains Duties.
P/O R.W. FERGUSON (430749) - G.D. Pilot, ex 2 RPP arrived 29/6/45 for Flying Control Duties to replace F/O OPIE who is being posted south on medical grounds.
S/Ldr. H.R. BONYTHON, AFC (280778), G.D. Pilot, posted to 4 PD, departed 3/6/45.
F/O K.V. ROGET (401153), G.D. Nav. BW, Posted to 1 PD. Departed 4/6/45.
F/Lt. A.W. PROCTOR (403073), G.D. Pilot, posted to 2 PD, departed 5/6/45.
F/O C.H. GARRETT (425151), G.D. Nav. B.W., posted to 3 PD, departed 5/6/45.
F/Lt. A.J. PHILLIPS DFC (401172), G.D. Pilot, Posted to 1 PD, departed 4/6/45.
F/O D.C. BRADBURY (13176), G.D. Nav.BW., posted to 1 PD, departed 4/6/45.
F/Lt. G.C. KAY (407583), G.D. Pilot, posted 2 RPP, departed 21/6/45.
F/Lt. W.J. CLAYDEN, Chaplain, ceased attachment to this Squadron and posted to No. 12 Squadron, departed 19/6/45.
F/Lt. J. CUMING (255260), A&S.D., Intelligence Officer, evacuated South on medical grounds, departed 30/6/45.

P/O A.L. DAVIES (402738), G.D. Pilot, promoted to Flying Officer wef 28/6/45.
F/O G.C. HENRY (413715), G.D. Pilot, promoted to Flight Lieutenant wef 9/10/44.

Mosquito 367 hours.
Wirraway 46 hours, 20 minutes.
Total Flying Times for JUNE, 1945 - 413 hours, 20 minutes.

W/Cdr. W. MURRAY DFC Director Operational Requirements [unreadable] Squadron Photographic Section on 30th. JUNE, 1st. and [unreadable]

During JUNE, 33 operations were ordered and five were cancelled. Of these four were on account of weather and one because no aircraft was available in time. Of the 28 completed sorties, 15 were 90% to 100% successful, 10 were partly successful and 4 were totally unsuccessful. This was due to cloud and bad weather over the target in each case.
A wide range of targets were covered this month and included EAST JAVA, SOUTH EAST and SOUTH WEST CELEBES, KAI ISLANDS, CHRISTMAS ISLAND, SERMATA, SOEMBAWA and FLORES GROUPS.
No sightings were reported except normal shipping in the harbours photographed and Flak was experienced on only two occasions. Once over SOURABAJA by F/Lt. BELL flying at 20,000 feet on 17 JUNE. This amounted to about 20 bursts of heavy A.A. and was reported as moderately accurate, and again by F/Lt. LUNDBERG, who experienced some heavy inaccurate Ack Ack while flying above cloud over the KAI ISLANDS.
Three aircraft captained by S/Ldr. GRAY, F/Lt. SPURGIN and F/Lt. LANGSFORD, were detached to the COCOS ISLANDS for special duties from 10 JUNE until 22nd. JUNE. It was on the journey to COCOS ISLAND that F/Lt. LANGSFORD was forced to crash land in Mosquito A52-606 on a beach in the COCOS GROUP, through shortage of fuel. Neither he or his Navigator were injured. While on detachment, one reconnaissance was carried out by F/Lt. SPURGIN over the CHRISTMAS ISLANDS.
Four local photography flights were carried out in the DARWIN area in Mosquito A52-601 and Wirraway A20-572 and in addition a large number of local day flights were completed.

One new aircraft was received during the month from No. 2 Aircraft Depot, Mosquito A52-611, on 9 JUNE, 1945. The acceptance check was completed satisfactorily, but its life on the Squadron was very short as it crashed on take-off on 18 JUNE, 1945. Airframe and engines were a total wipe off and it was allotted to No. 8 C.R.D. for salvage.
We lost the services of three other aircraft during the month. Mosquito A52-606 crashed on 12th JUNE, 1945 while on operations due to lack of fuel. A52-602 was sent to No. 14 Aircraft Repair Depot for a tail plane change and during the change a defect was found in the mainplane necessitating the aircraft being allotted to a Southern Depot. Mosquito A52-608, when first received was found to be very slow and on inspection was found to have a twisted mainplane. This aircraft was also allotted to a Southern Depot for major repairs and deported on 22nd. JUNE, 1945 with A52-602.
There is only one forced landing to report in which F/Lt. BELL returned from an operation on 6th. JUNE, 1945 in A52-6 on one engine and mande an emergency landing at DARWIN. On inspection, the starboard airscrew was found to be faulty and had to be changed.
The serviceability for JUNE has been higher than the previous month and resulted in the following:-
Mosquito Marks 16 and 40 - 55%
Mosquito Mark T3 - 66%
Wirraway - 55%

During the month of JUNE a record number of 65 cameras were used on 26 operational sorties.
K17-6" lens cameras replaced F24-14" lens cameras in Mark 16 aircraft during this month. These cameras, combined with F52-20" cameras in the Split Vertical position, gave increased effect in coverage.
In Mark 40 aircraft the use of F52-20" and K17-6" cameras, each in the true vertical position, was continued.
During the last week in JUNE, however, 36" lens were used on F52 cameras in the split Vertical Position on Mark 16 aircraft, and the vertical position on Mark 40 aircraft. Results were highly satisfactory.
The number of prints produced - 10488 - was 638 above total for MAY.
Weather to the North of Australia prevented wholly successful sorties on a number of occasions, while, over JAVA, SOURABAJA, areas, weather was excellent resulting in excellent photographs being obtained.

Six crews did local day flying practice in Mosquito A52-1010 while eight crews carried out night flying practice in the same aircraft from RAAF Station, DARWIN on the nights of 26th. and 27th. JUNE, 1945.

Flight Lieutenant W.S. BELL is now Transport Officer vice S/Ldr. F.J. GILLESPIE.
During the month of JUNE, the Squadron has issued off 1 6 x 6 Refuelling tender (GMC American Type) and one Trailer Refuelling (3 wheel).
Transport received on strength in this period have been - 1 Heavy Tender (Chevrolet) Dropsite. 1 Aircraft Salvage Tender (Chevrolet) and 1 Tractor (McCormack).
The maintenance has proceeded very well in spite of an increase in running repairs over the past fortnight. There are no overdue maintenances, although there is one Heavy Tender (Ford) undergoing an "F" Inspection which is off the road due to inability to obtain spare parts.
Personnel are in accordance with establishment, three postings and three replacements having taken place.

Vocabularies A52 Vol. 2 Parts 1-2 and 3 were received on 28 JUNE, 1945. Whilst this vocabulary is for Mosquito Mark 3 and 6 Aircraft, it should enable a great deal of the Mark 16 parts to be correctly identified.
The position regarding Mark 16 spares is still obscure as to date no portion of Task 266 has arrived in the Area, consequently serviceability is dependent on interchangeability of Mark 40 spares and items obtained through E.O.S. - U.R.R. - and A.O.G. procedure.
A great deal of general equipment has come to hand during JUNE and the Squadron position in this regard has improved considerably. Everything possible is being done to follow up and hasten such items as are still outstanding.

Sports. Three cricket matches were played during the month, two of which were Officers versus Airmen which resulted in one win each. In the third game Flights defeated Airmen.
A basketball competition has commenced, with four matches having been played by the Unit team to date for two wins and two losses.
Occasional swimming classes are held.

The weekly Intelligence Lectures given by Flight Lieutenant CUMING have proved very popular and attendance is increasing.

Euchre tournaments are run every Thursday evening on the Unit.
Transport is made available for Area Pictures and the weekly picnic on Sundays.
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