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RAAF Form A.50

No. 87 Squadron, RAAF - October 1945

1 October 1945 to 31 October 1945 - COOMALLIE
STRENGTH. (As at 31st October, 1945.)

P/O G.D. POWELL (5834) NAV.B.W.) posted to No. 4 PD.
F/O G.R. JONES (422643) (A.G) posted to 58 O.BASE.U for Ops Controller Duties.
F/O W.D. KERR (12543) NAV.B.W.) posted to No. 1 PD for Termination of Appointment.
F/L G.C. KAY (407583) (PILOT) posted to No. 4 PD for Termination of Appointment.
F/O I.H. McGREGOR (10485) (ENG-GEN) posted to No. 1 PD for Termination of Appointment.
F/O P.J. JOHANSON (103) (ENG-GEN) arrived on posting from No. 12 ARD to take the place of F/O I.H. McGREGOR.

MOSQUITO 133-50 hours.
WIRRAWAY 54-30 hours. TOTAL - 188-20 hours.

During October two Mosquito aircraft were received by the Squadron, one MK16 and one MK40 A52-608 and A52-9, both of which had been previously allotted to De Havillands for major checks. Acceptance checks were carried out satisfactorily. Two aircraft were lost by the Squadron, A52-601 allotted to RICHMOND for a major inspection and A52-613 which crashed during take-off at CHARLEVILLE and was also allotted away. The crew of this aircraft escaped without injury. One other forced landing occurred when A52-616 was forced down at WYNDHAM due to a faulty glycol bleed pipe.
The move of all aircraft excepting A52-604, from COOMALLIE to PARKES. NSW. was completed without mishap. On arrival of the first air party of eight mosquitos at PARKES on 20th October, A52-600 was stripped of the parts required to make A52-604 serviceable and were then flown to COOMALLIE.

SERVICEABILITY OF AIRCRAFT. Serviceability for the month was:-
Mosquito MK16 and MK40 - 54%
Wirraway - 93.5%

TRAINING. No training flights were carried out for the month.

OPERATIONS. The last operation against Japanese territory was completed on 3rd October, 1945, by F/O D.C. ADAMS and F/O KERR and comprised a mapping run over TIMOR.

TRANSPORT. The transport situation in the Squadron remained the same as in the previous month until an additional 25 vehicles were allotted for the Squadron move to PARKES. NSW. The vehicles now held should prove adequate for completing the movement of Squadron Equipment South.

During October only one photographic flight was made and that a mapping flight over TIMOR. This was done from 30,000 feet and used K17-12" and 6" cameras.

North Western Area Movement Instruction No. 64 dated 17th October, 1945, was received on 18th October and arrangement for the move of the Squadron were put into effect immediately.

22nd FIRST AIR ECHELON. consisting of eight mosquito aircraft departed COOMALLIE for PARKES at 0600 hours.

ADVANCE PARTY - consisting of 1 Officer and 19 other ranks departed COOMALLIE at 0330 hours for RAAF DARWIN to board No. 85 Wing Liberator A72-358 for transportation to PARKES.

26th SECOND AIR ECHELON. Four Mosquito and two Wirraway aircraft departed COOMALLIE at 0600 hours for PARKES.

29th THE MAIN BODY. consisting of 3 officers and 93 other ranks departed COOMALLIE at 2030 hours for entraining at ADELAIDE RIVER.

ROAD CONVOY (Equipment). This convoy consisting of 40 vehicles, two photographic and 1 water trailer departed COOMALLIE at 0600 hours on 29th October, for LARRIMAH by road on the first leg of the journey to PARKES. NSW.

WELFARE. Football practice was carried out during October but no competition matches were played due to the disorganisation caused by the Squadron move.
Picnics to Mindil Beach and Berry Springs and shooting trips and other forms of relaxation were undertaken as a means of keeping the morale of the personnel at a high standard.

ESTABLISHMENT. - remains the same as for the previous month.
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