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WWII era Bellman Hangars at Deniliquin, NSW (Daniel J. Leahy, 2014)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 77 Squadron, RAAF - April 1952

1 April 1952 - K14 KIMPO KOREA
The month opened well for the aircrew with good flying weather prevailing. Today 52 sorties, including five rocketting attacks were flown. During one rocket attack Flt. Lt. K.A. MARTIN (O33134) DFC and A33843 Sgt. SMITH K.D. flying aircraft A77-415 and A77-15 respectively had to jettison their ventral tanks after the tanks had been hit by a rocket blast. Flt. Lt. Martins' aircraft also received a cracked canopy. See Appendix "A". Father Tellefson, the Roman Catholic Padre arrived from Iwakuni to hold Mass in the Unit Chapel. It was his first visit for six weeks owing to ill health.
2 April 1952 - K14 KIMPO KOREA
The Squadron today flew a record number of rocket trips. Fine weather permitted eight attacks being made by flights of four aircraft. Only one aircraft A77-744 flown by Flt. Lt. E.W. GUY (O33133) being hit by ground fire. The aircraft received one hit in the port mainplane but only minor damage was caused. The Squadron flew a grand total of 60 sorties for the day. These included 12 airborne alerts, and scrambles to cover the retreat of friendly aircraft from North Korea.
3 April 1952 - K14 KIMPO KOREA
Once again fine, warm weather prevailed. The Adjutant, Flying Officer J.P. CAROLIN (O35438) S.D. Admin, returned from leave. The Commanding Officer Wing Commander R.T. SUSANS (O4391) DFC flew to Iwakuni. Four rocket attacks were made during the day, but no aircraft were damaged by ground fire.
4 April 1952 - K14 KIMPO KOREA
The noon temperature today reached 54 degrees. The current spell of warm weather is causing the countryside to change from a drab reddish-brown to green. The warmer weather has been welcomed by the unit. Wing Commander Reddrop and Squadron Leader Northey visited the unit.
5 April 1952 - K14 KIMPO KOREA
Warrant Officer D.H. LEE, British Commonwealth Public Relations Cinematographer arrived on the unit to take movie footage of the Squadron's activities.
The first fighter sweeps for months were flown today. Two sweeps were made with negative results. During the day 17 searches were flown seeking a B26 lost during the previous night by the USAF. Negative sightings were made. Two RAAF Officers Flt. Lt. L.C. LOBB (O33151) and Flt. Lt. C.D. FISHER (O33206) who are attached to the USAF 67th Tactical Wing [???] the base visited the unit.
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