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WWII era Bellman Hangars at Deniliquin, NSW (Daniel J. Leahy, 2014)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 77 Squadron, RAAF - February 1952

1 February 1952 - K14, KOREA
The C.O Wing Commander R.T. Susans DFC (O4390) and Flt. Lt. W.R. Bennett DFC departed for Iwakuni by C47 aircraft. The 60lb rocket heads for the rockets which arrived two days ago are still missing and efforts are being made to trace them. To supplement the Squadron supply of rockets and 20MM ammunition, a C54 and 3 C47 aircraft brought it mixed loads of ammunition and rockets to K16. These were transported to the ammunition dump at K14 by American transport of the 5th Motor Vehicle Squadron. The missing rocket heads were located in a Rail Siding at Souel and are expected to arrive at the Kimpo Railhead tomorrow.
2 February 1952 - K14, KOREA
The rocket heads arrived in the afternoon and although snow and sleet made the unloading difficult the 2,000 heads were transported to the ammunition dump and stored. Two aircraft received small holes from enemy anti-aircraft fire, they were A77-911 and A77-15 flown by A22790 Sgt. Marray K.J. and A33621 Sgt. Blackwell F.R. Neuther of these pilots were injured and landed safely at base. See detail of Operation Form A51 appendix "A".
3 February 1952 - K14, KOREA
The C.O. and Flt. Lt. Bennett returned from Uwakuni. Mr Gould of Reuters called upon the C.O. to request particulars surrounding the missing pilots Flt. Lt. M.A.B.H.A. Browne-Gaylord DFC (O21656) and Sgt. Gillan B.T. A33625. Two new pilots arrived, A33831 Sgt. Cowper L.H. and A33838 Sgt Parker J.N. A77-64 flown by A33621 Sgt. Blackwell F.R. received a small hole in mainplane on armed reconnaissance and rocket mission.
4 February 1952 - K14, KOREA
Uneventful day, airborne patrol and rocket missions flown in accord. With App. "A".
5 February 1952 - K14, KOREA
Four rocket missions and usual patrols flown without incident.
6 February 1952 - K14, KOREA
Snow storms prevented aircraft landing at K16 this morning and consequently the arrival of the officers from SCLAW was delayed. Whilst leading a rocket and strafing mission Flt. Lt. J.T. Hannan (O22100) Flying Meteor A77-616 was hit by enemy ground fire. The aircraft caught fire and Hannan was forced to eject. The chute was see to open, but due to the terrain was not sighted once it hit the ground. Aircraft of the Squadron searched all afternoon, but were unsuccessful in sighting either Hannan or his parachute. Another aircraft on this mission A77-464 flown by A11424 W.O. Hill K.G. was hit in the starboard aileron but landed safely at base. One of the searching aircraft A77-15 flown by A11433 Sgt Zupp P. was hit by explosive flack which blew off his canopy. Sgt Zupp suffered minor facial abrasions only, and was able to return to base. Flg. Off R.W. Wittman's aircraft A77-744 scrambled to search for Hannan was hit by enemy ground fire by a slug of approximately .25 calibre which entered the seat without wounding the pilot.
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