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RAAF Form A.50

No. 77 Squadron, RAAF - January 1952

1 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Early this morning at 0300 hours enemy aircraft probably P.O.2's flew at low altitude over the base and dropped a number of small bombs. The aircraft were subjected to anti-aircraft fire. The alert lasted approximately one hour. See Monthly Tactical Report. Scrambles were carried out in accordance with Form A51.
2 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Parcel containing a His Masters Voice portable gramaphone and approximately one hundred (100) records was received today for amenities use in the Squadron. The records were distributed between the Aircrew and Airmen's Clubs. Scrambles were carried out as shown in A51.
3 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Two winterised tents situated in Officer's and N.C.O's lines are being joined together to make a Squadron Chapel - Theatre. Materials for the job are being supplied by 4th Air Installations Squadron USAF and labour provided by Korean Nationals employed by 77 Squadron. Scrambles only flown during the day as per attached A51.
4 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
The Commanding Officer Squadron Leader R.T. Susans DFC (O4391) addressed all the airmen in their club and explained to them the new Squadron role. See Monthly Tactical Report Attached. A weather reconnaisance only was flown today.
5 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
The SUWON detachment was withdrawn today with the commencement of the new Squadron role. Wing Commander N.M. Kater MC (O21960) gave a lecture to the airmen on venereal disease. Airborne alerts carried out as in A51. Flying Officer C.A. Bentley (501607) was picked up by auster aircraft at K16 and flew to Light Aircraft Observation Post near the Imjin River, where he spent the night.
6 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Signal received today granting the Acting Rank of Wing Commander to the Commanding Officer Squadron Leader R.T. Susans DFC (O4391) retrospective from the date which he assumed command. A230 Sgt. Hadfield J. Hygiene Inspector arrived from IWAKUNI to replace Cpl Tantzaris who proceeded on leave.
7 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
The first rocket mission which was to be flown today was cancelled owing to weather. Squadron Leader C.J. Leopold and Squadron Leader D.R. McKendry (O3360) arrived from IWAKUNI on temporary duty. A gift of 360 books of the Penguin series was received today. They will together with the travelling library of approximately 40 books from No. 91 (Composite) Wing, provide excellent reading facilities for Squadron members. Flying Officer T.J. Leach (O12807) Amenities Officer No. 91 (Composite) Wing arrived and brought with him from IWAKUNI skis and ice skates. At night in the Airmen's Club a party was held to celebrate the Commanding Officer's promotion.
8 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
A group of editors from Australian papers touring the various Australian units in JAPAN and KOREA arrived in the Squadron at 0900 hours. They were met by the Commanding Officer who introduced them to the pilots. They were then conducted on an inspection of the maintenance area. The editors departed at 1000 hours, with the exception of Mr. Sinclair of the Melbourne "Age", who flew with the Commanding Officer Wing Commander R.T. Susans DFC (O4391) in the Meteor Mk. VII, over the front line. Flt. Lt. L.T. Tellefson (O35893) arrived and said Mass for R.C. personnel at 1900 hours. A V.D film was shown to all ranks in the Airmen's Club followed by the weekly "Bingo" game. 4 Aircraft led by Wing Command R.T. Susans DFC (O4391) and piloted by Flying Officer P.V. Hamilton-Foster (O21993), Flight Lieutenant J.T. Hannan (O22100) and Flying Officer R.W. Wittman (O22058) carried out a rocket attack and straffed a water tower, house and two horse drawn vehicles. The aircraft flown by Flying Officer R.W. Wittman (O22058) and Flight Lieutenant J.T. Hannan (22100) received minor damage from light ground fire. See A51. Usual airborne alerts also flown during the day. Flt. Lt. L.T. Tellefson (O35983) said mass for R.C. personnel at 1900 hours.
9 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Work commenced on levelling an area for a skating rink. A32324 Cpl Fitzpatrick T.W.S of Technical Library IWAKUNI took particulars of members desiring of undertaking correspondence courses. Another rocket mission flown today by Wing Commander R.T. Susans DFC (O4391), Flying Officer K.J. Blight (O31569), Flight Lieutenant L.L. Cadan (O33097) and Sgt. E.J. Meyers A22193 which made it impossible to observe results. Airborne alerts also flown in accordance with A51. Three aircraft were ferried to IWAKUNI by Flight Lieutenant M.A.H.B.A Browne-Gaylord (O23665), Flying Officer P.V. Hamilton-Foster (O21993) and A22140 F/Sgt. Avery A.J.
10 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Light snow fell this morning. Weather prevented flying until the afternoon. Air Commodore Bonnham-Carter Air Officer Commanding Hong Kong arrived on the unit and spent some time with the Commanding Officer Wing Commander R.T. Susans DFC before visiting the Maintenance Area. He departed late in the afternoon. Airborne alert patrols flown as shown in A51.
11 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Coldest day yet, with biting winds. The temperature was 5 degrees centigrade at 1600 hours. Work continued on the new Theatre-Chapel, under difficult conditions. There was a fire in a winterised tent this morning. This tent was used for laundry receipt and despatch, also as a photographic section. Of five (5) fire extinguishers brought to the scene of the fire only one would function, the others being frozen. The fire barrels which were placed inside the tents some time ago still have not thawed. Airborne alerts and one armed reconnaissance flown today. Light flak was encountered over the target. A77-559 which was flown by Flying Officer W.B. Rivers DFC (O22108) was hit, damaging the canopy slightly.
12 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Weather much milder today. Whilst on a rocket mission A77-741 which was flown by A22114 F/Sgt Avery A.J. received slight damage from small arms fire. Airborne alers were flown without incident.
13 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Today construction of the Theatre-Chapel finished. Although the building is unlined, the four space heaters installed will provide adequate warmth. Airborne alerts flown during the day without incident. A77-15 flown on an armed reconnaissance mission by A22700 Sgt. Gillian B.T. was hit by a small piece of flak which scratched the starboard nacelle.
14 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
To provide seating accommodation in the theatre, a three ton GS was sent to 8th Fighter-Bomber Wing USAF at K13 SUWON for steel bomb fin protectors. Thirty five of these were received and will provide seating for approximately 50 personnel. Airborne alerts only flown today. A5469 LAC McKeever D (Flt. Rig) suffered slight concussion after falling from the tailplane of a Meteor.
15 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Early this morning A33986 LAC Murphy (D.M.T) rolled a 3 ton GS truck LAC Murphy and Passenger 5/235 Cpl Lake R.J.S. (N.C.O. i/c of APO 216 at K14) were travelling to K16 with freight for back loading of No. 30 Transport Unit C47. A light fall of snow had made the road very slippery. Neither LAC Murphy or Cpl Lake were hurt. Flight Lieutenant Guy Church of England Padre arrived from IWAKUNI and conducted services at 1530 and 1830 hours in the Theatre-Chapel. The Commanding Officer Wing Commander R.T. Susans DFC led two rocket and armed reconnaissance missions today. These two missions severly damaged a building and also rocketed and strafed three 60-70' boats. On the second mission A77-139 was slightly damaged from small arms fire. The usual airborne alerts were flown.
16 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
A grader borrowed from 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Air Installations Squadron commenced grading a large area for an ice skating rink. Padre Guy conducted services for Church of England personnel at 1530 and 1830 hours. One rocket mission led by Flight Lieutenant W.R. Bennett DFC (O12289) rocketed and strafed marshalling yards, experiencing light flak and small arms fire. None of the aircraft were damaged.
17 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
The Commanding Officer Wing Commander R.T. Susans DFC (4391) departed for IWAKUNI for a conference with the Officer Commanding No. 91 (Composite) Wing. Flight Lieutenant Guy and Flying Officer Waldock returned to IWAKUNI. Flying Officer W.P. Gurr arrived to relieve Flying Officer Waldock as Assistant Operations Officer. On a rocket mission led by Flight Lieutenant IG Purssey (O11561) A77-139 the No. 2 aircraft flown by A22790 Sgt. Murray K.J. was hit by the debris of an explosion caused by the leaders rockets. The aircraft received major damage to the fuselage and centre wing sections. The target was left burning and smoke rose to 500 feet.
18 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Flight Lieutenant M.A Browne-Gaylord (O23665) whilst taxying Meteor A77-982 hit a B26. Meteor was only slightly damaged, but the wing tip of the B26 will have to be replaced. Airborne alerts as in A51 carried out. Two water tankers each holding 4000 gallons borrowed from the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Motor Vehicle Squadron to flood the skating rink.
19 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Fine warm day, and consequently the water on the skating rink has not frozen. More water will have to be obtained as the ground has absorbed more than half of that released on it yesterday. Two rocket missions flown today in addition to the usual airborne alerts. They were led by Flight Lieutenant W.R. Bennett DFC (O12289) and Flight Lieutenant M.A. Browne-Gaylord DFC (O23665). Light inaccurate flak was experienced but none of the aircraft were damaged. One more tanker of water containing 4000 gallons released on skating rink.
20 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Flight Lieutenant K.A. Martin (O85164) led a flight of 4 aircraft on a rocket and armed reconnaissance missions. One large barrack type building was destroyed. Water on skating rink did not freeze during the night, another 4000 gallons tanker released on rink this afternoon.
21 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Heavy cloud obscured the target on a rocket and armed reconnaissance mission led by Flight Lieutenant W.R. Bennett DFC. Sgt Hadfield Hygiene Inspector returned to IWAKUNI. Skating rink still not frozen. The ground is still absorbing water, another 4000 gallon tanker released on rink this afternoon.
22 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
A rocket and armed reconnaissance mission led by Flt. Lt. V.L. Turner DFC (23063) rocketed and strafed a steel tower with unobserved results. Two new pilots arrived in the Squadron today. They were A33821 Sgt. Cranston and A22422 Sgt. Robinson. Flt. Lt. L. Tellefson and said Mass for R.C personnel at 1900 Hrs. in the Squadron Chapel.
23 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Flg. Off. W.B. Rivers DFC led a rocket attack of 4 aircraft on a suspected radar tower, 24 hits were observed but tower was still standing when flight returned to base. Airborne alert patrols flown in accordance with A51. Flt. Lt. Tellefson said Mass for R.C. Personnel at 1900 hours in the Squadron Chapel.
24 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Flt. Lt. V.L. Turner DFC (O23862) crash landed in Meteor A77-741 while on final approach returning from an airborne alert. Flt. Lt. W.R. Bennett DFC (O12289) the section leader directed the crash crew and helicopter to the scene of the crash before landing. A77-741 was severely damaged and suitable only for salvage. Flt. Lt. Turner was admitted to the 67th Medical Group Hospital at K14 with a large cut on his forehead and a suspected injured back. A guard was mounted throughout the night at the scene of the crash. Snow fell, and bitterly cold winds were experienced from 1800 hours onwards.
25 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Squadron Leader R.A. Hosking DFC AFC (O33102) arrived from Iwakuni and spent the night. Flt. Lt. L. Tellefson departed on courier C47 of 30 Transport Unit for Wing Headquarters. Salvage of A77-741 was commenced under difficulties, as aircraft crash landed in a paddy field and lifting equipment could not be brought in. Guards returned from the scene of the crash when maintenance party commenced salvage. On a rocket mission led by Flt. Lt. J.T. Hannan (O22100), the canopy was lost from A77-728 flown by A33630 Sgt. Obern R.V. who was able to land his aircraft safely. The Commanding Officer Wing Commander R.T. Susans DFC led a rocket and armed reconnaissance mission which successfully destroyed a rail truck and set alight camouflaged vehicle revetment.
26 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Flt. Lt. V.L. Turner came out of hospital and will be departing to Iwakuni on local leave. A 25ft boat was destroyed and 20 MM fire from four aircraft on an reconnaissance led by the Commanding Officer Wing Commander R.T. Susans DFC.
27 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Bad weather postponed flying until the afternoon when twelve aircraft in in two groups of six flew on an armed reconnaissance mission. They were led by the Commanding Officer Wing Commander R.T. Susans DFC and Flt. Lt. J.T. Hanna (O22100) respectively. Two pilots are missing from these operations. They are Flt. Lt. M.A.B.H.A. Browne-Gaylord (O23665) and A33625 Sgt Gillian B.T. Flt. Lt. Browne-Gaylord made radio contact with his section leader when turning for base and during his transmission stated that his airspeed indicator and altimeter had ceased to function. This suggests that his aircraft had already been hit by ground fire with the resultant failure of these instruments. There was no further radio message received and he failed to return to base. Sgt Gillian's aircraft A77-726 when hit by ground fire commenced to lose height. Smoke was seen to trail behind the aircraft. Sgt. Gillain made a radio call saying he was hit in the starboard and was returning to base immediately. A22114 F/Sgt. Avery A.J. No. 2 to Sgt Gillian drew up along side of Gillian's aircraft and saw that the canopy and seat were missing. Evidently Gillian had ejected but Avery did not see a parachute. A search of the area until dusk by Squadron aircraft failed to reveal any trace of the missing pilots.
28 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Search for the missing pilots continued until mid-day with negative results The Commanding Officer Wing Commander R.T. Susans DFC and Flt. Lt. S.J. Broomhead (O24256) Squadron Operations Officer visited 5th Air Force Headquarters, USAF in SEOUL to discuss the targets selected for ground attack by the Squadron.
29 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
A possible rail-road shed in the HAEJU area was completely destroyed by rockets, from 4 Meteors on a rocket and armed reconnaissance mission led by the Commanding Officer Wing Commander R.T. Susans DFC. Usual airborne alerts flown throughout the day.
30 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Four rocket and armed reconnaissance missions flown today. Two were led by th Commanding Officer Wing Commander R.T. Susans DFC and the remaining two by Flt. Lt's J.T. Hanna (O22100) and K.A. Martin (O35184). As a result six buildings and 25 30ft boats were destroyed, 2 buildings probably destroyed, 3 buildings left burning, and an automatic weapon was silenced. Airborne alert patrols carried out as in Form A51.
31 January 1952 - KIMPO, KOREA
Four rocket missions flown again today apart from the airborne patrols. They were led by the Commanding Officer Wing Commander R.T. Susans DFC, Flt. Lt's W.R. Bennett DFC (O12289), J.T. Hannan (O22100) and K.A. Martin (O35184). One large building was left burning and another badly damaged. A small boat was strafed and destroyed. The Squadron has flown over a thousand hours this month see War Training and Efficiency Report.
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