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RAAF Form A.50

No. 75 Squadron, RAAF - May 1942

1 May 1942 - Port Moresby
0800K. Three Kittyhawk Aircraft of No. 75 Squadron took off on Security patrol over base, during this patrol six Zero type enemy fighters attempted a straffing raid and a number of P39 Aircraft, of the USAAC who were also operating from 7 Mile Aerodrome took off to intercept. All 75 Squadron aircraft landed safely at 0900K.
1445K. Three Kittyhawks took off on patrol landed 1625K.
2 May 1942 - Port Moresby
0708K. Two operationally unserviceable aircraft took off for mainland to depot for repair.
0715K. Three Kittyhawks and 7 P39 aircraft of the USAAC took off to intercept enemy aircraft reported to be approaching. One Kittyhawk landed at 0820K due to engine trouble, the other 2 Kittyhawks were attacked by a superior number of enemy aircraft and one of them was last seen diving steeply and did not return to base, the pilot, Sgt. Munro being reported as missing. The other Kittyhawk landed safely at 0845K.
0900K to 1015K. Two Kittyhawks search for Sgt. Munro. Nil result.
1125K to 1215K. One Kittyhawk searched for Sgt. Munro. Nil result.
1550K to 1628K. One Kittyhawk searched for Sgt. Munro. Nil result.
1623K. Kittyhawk aircraft crashed whilst taking off, the aircraft had to be written off but the pilot Sgt. West was not injured.
3 May 1942 - Port Moresby
0830K. One Kittyhawk and 8 P39 aircraft of the USAAC took off to intercept 11 Japanese bombers escorted by Zeros reported to be approaching; at 0837K due to engine trouble the Kittyhawk landed, without having made contact with the enemy.
4 May 1942 - Port Moresby
Advice was received from Station Headquarters Port Moresby that F/O H.D. Ellerton of 75 Squadron who was returning to base with a replacement aircraft, had been killed on the 28/4/42 in a flying accident on the mainland whilst attempting a landing on a beach north of Cooktown, in order to give aid to the pilot of a USAAC aircraft, who had forced landed.
5 May 1942 - Port Moresby
F/Lt. Jackson appointed Commanding Officer w.e.f. 29th April.
7 May 1942 - Port Moresby
On instructions received at 1800 hrs. from H.Q. Port Moresby, 154 Officers and airmen of 75 Squadron embarked at 3130K on S.S. "Taroona" for Townsville leaving a rear party consisting of the C.O., 3 other Pilots and 27 ground personnel.
9 May 1942 - Port Moresby
Three aircraft of 75 Squadron assembled at Kela with a number of A/24 dive bombers of the USAAC, in readiness to leave for mainland were ground straffed by enemy type Zero fighters. The three 75 Squadron machines were damaged necessitating shipment of one of them to the mainland.
The C.O. F/Lt. Jackson took off in Kittyhawk for Mainland and arrived Cairns.
10 May 1942 - Port Moresby
The C.O. F/Lt. Jackson arrived at Townsville from Port Moresby via Cairns.
11 May 1942 - Townsville
154 Officers and airmen disembarked from S.S. "Taroona" and went into camp under canvas at Bohle River aerodrome approx. 12 miles from Townsville.
F/Lt. Boyd (561) posted O.T.U. Flying duties.
13 May 1942 - Townsville
The C.O. F/Lt. L.D. Jackson left Townsville for Bankstown to ferry replacement aircraft back to the unit.
15 May 1942 - Townsville
1600K. North Eastern Area through Station H.Q. Townsville instructed 75 Squadron to entrain for Kingaroy at 2000K.
16 May 1942 - Townsville
F/Lt. Coker posted to 75 squadron from 2ED for flying duties.
17 May 1942 - Kingaroy
75 Squadron arrived at Kingaroy.
P/O Cory reported in landing accident at Rockhampton, aircraft badly damaged but pilot uninjured.
18 May 1942 - Kingaroy
F/Lt. Winten (A526) reported on posting after having been attached 76 Squadron.
20 May 1942 - Kingaroy
P/O Harding reported on posting from H.Q. NEA Equipment Officer duties.
26 May 1942 - Kingaroy
F/Lt Bracegirdle (484) ex 1 SFTS, posted 75 Squadron for flying duties.
28 May 1942 - Kingaroy
F/O Scandrett posted to Unit ex 3 ED.
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