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RAAF Form A.50

No. 75 Squadron, RAAF - March 1942

4 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
RAAF Station, TOWNSVILLE was advised by N.E.A. that a new Fighter Squadron to be known as No. 75 Squadron RAAF was to form at TOWNSVILLE on the 4th MARCH, 1942. The majority of ground personnel and some flying personnel to be drawn from No. 24 Squadron, TOWNSVILLE. The Unit to be formed to Establishment HD100, and equipped with KITTYHAWK aircraft - 16 I.E. and 8 I.R.
F/Lt. CHURCH of N.E.A. acting as Equipment Officer pending the appointment of a Squadron Equipment Officer.
5 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
S/Ldr. P. JEFFREY DSO, DFC to command ferry flight of KITTYHAWK aircraft to TOWNSVILLE, and on arrival to direct the organisation of No. 75 Squadron, and to act as T/Commanding Officer.
8 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
First allotment of aircraft arrived at TOWNSVILLE and following ferry pilots posted to the Unit:- 706 F/O B.M. COX, 401396 SGT. SIMS V.J., 403868 SGT. HAVARD S.C., 403923 SGT. GRANVILLE R.J., from S.H.Q. CANBERRA: 493 F/Lt. J.F. JACKSON from No. 4 Squadron, CANBERRA: 520 F/Lt. L.D. JACKSON, 736 F/O K. W. LLOYD, 406123 SGT DAVIES A.A.C. from No. 23 Squadron, ARCHERFIELD, and 481 F/Lt P.B. TURNBULL DFC from No. 3 SFTS, AMBERLEY.
9 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
No. 71 S/Ldr. J.H. WRIGHT of No. 22 Squadron, arrived on attachment to No. 75 Squadron pending posting as Commanding Officer No. 76 Squadron.
10 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
2826 P/O D. SWANN ex G.R. School, LAVERTON, arrived on posting for Adjutant's duties; 411175 P/O R.K. O'CONNOR ex S.H.Q. WILLIAMTOWN arrived on posting for flying duties.
11 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
Flying practice commenced by the Squadron under the directions of S/Ldr. P. JEFFREY D.S.O., D.F.C.
SGT. DAVIES A.A.C. appointed to the rank of Pilot Officer w.e.f. 6th OCTOBER, 1941.
12 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
Squadron organised on the basis of (1) "B" Flight O/C F/Lt. J.F. JACKSON; (2) "C" Flight O/C F/Lt. P.B. TURNBULL DFC (3) Servicing Party O/C F/O W. MATSON (4) Headquarters Flight O/C P/O D. SWANN.
588 F/O W.L. WACKETT reported on posting ex No. 24 Squadron, TOWNSVILLE, for flying duties.
S/Ldr. JEFFERY DSO, DFC appointed T/Commanding Officer No. 75 Squadron w.e.f. 12/3/42.
13 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
406924 SGT. DAVIES D.B. landing accident in Aircraft A29-4. Aircraft extensively damaged, pilot uninjured.
411386 Pilot Officer O.J. CHANNON ex S.H.Q. CANBERRA reported on posting for flying duties.
14 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
406064 F/O J. WOODS, 403372 SGT. PETTETT J.H.S. ex No. 23 Squadron, and 770 F/O B.H. ANDERSON ex No. 24 Squadron, reported on posting for flying duties.
15 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
408030 Pilot Officer G.C. ATHERTON ex No. 24 Squadron reported on posting for flying duties.
SGT. DAVIES D.B., Airman Pilot, posted from No. 75 Squadron to Ni. 24 Squadron for flying duties.
16 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
Flying Officer D.R. McKENDRY ex S.H.Q. PORT MORESBY reported for Equipment Officer Duties.
568 Flying Officer M.D. ELLERTON ex 22 Squadron, 416360 SGT. MUNRO R.R. and SGT. MUNRO D.W. ex S.H.Q. WILLIAMTOWN reported on posting for flying duties.
17 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
Advance party of 33 Ground Personnel left TOWNSVILLE for MORESBY to report to A/Equipment Officer, Flight Lieutenant CHURCH.
1286 Flight Lieutenant W. DEANE-BUTCHER Ex ARCHERFIELD reported on posting for Medical Officer Duties.
18 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
SGT BROWN D.S. landing accident at TOWNSVILLE in A29-13; Aircraft badly damaged, pilot uninjured.
697 Flying Officer J. Le Gay BRERETON ex No. 3 SFTS reported on posting for flying duties.
19 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
F/Lt J. F. JACKSON appointed Acting Squadron Leader and to command No. 75 Squadron w.e.f. 19/3/42.
20 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
S/Ldr. JACKSON, leading flight of 14 KITTYHAWK Aircraft, and escorted by a HUDSON Aircraft of No. 32 Squadron left for MORESBY via COOKTOWN and HORN ISLAND. Two aircraft - Pilots, P/O O'CONNOR and SGT. SIMS) unable to get off on datum. Later took off for CAIRNS.
20 March 1942 - EN ROUTE
21 March 1942 - EN ROUTE
P/O O'CONNOR and SGT. SIMS arrived AM at COOKTOWN from CAIRNS and joined formation. Four aircraft led by S/Ldr. JEFFREY took off for MORESBY via HORN ISLAND and two hours later remainder of the aircraft led by S/Ldr. JACKSON took off for MORESBY via HORN ISLAND escorted by HUDSON Aircraft.
F/O LLOYD forced to return to COOKTOWN through fuel trouble.
21 March 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Formation of four arrived safely at HORN ISLAND followed later by 13 aircraft led by S/Ldr. JACKSON, escorted by No. 32 Squadron HUDSON Aircraft. Later in the day these two formations took off, formation of four in advance by some four hours.
21 March 1942 - MORESBY
The leading formation on approaching 7 MILE AERODROME was fired on by Army Machine Gun Posts in error, causing damage to the aircraft, the pilots fortunately escaping injury. One bullet missed S/Ldr. JEFFREY by the narrow margin of half an inch. Two of the less badly damaged aircraft, after refuelling, took off again, piloted by F/O WACKETT and F/O COX, and at 6000 feet sighted a single enemy aircraft at 10,000 feet, and delivered astern and quarter attacks on the enemy aircraft which exploded and dived into the sea from 500 feet. This was the first combat of this Squadron and was without damage or injury to aircraft or pilots.
The other formation led by S/Ldr. JACKSON arrived safely from HORN ISLAND. During this flight of 400 miles across the sea, SGT. BAILEY at one stage came down to within 60 feet of sea level through engine trouble; the engine, however, recovered, and aircraft and pilot arrived safely at their destination.
F/Lt. DEANE-BUTCHER and Pilot Officer ATHERTON arrived at MORESBY from TOWNSVILLE by Flying Boat.
22 March 1942 - MORESBY
Ten 75 Squadron aircraft were scheduled to take off for an attack on LAE. However, F/O BRERETON, swerving in an attempt to avoid another aircraft, crashed on the side of the runway and his aircraft was burnt, the pilot however was rescued by F/Lt. DEANE-BUTCHER from the burning aircraft and suffered only minor injuries.
The remaining nine KITTYHAWK Aircraft took off at 0630K for ground straffing operations at LAE; four aircraft to act as 'top cover' whilst the other five attacked. On arrival at LAE, three ZERO Type enemy fighters were discovered on standing patrol at 10000 feet. The attack proved highly successful; three Japanese bombers and nine Japanese fighters were left burning on the ground and two ZERO Type Japanese fighters were also shot down in aerial combat.
Two of our aircraft failed to return at the pilots F/O ANDERSON and F/O WACKETT reported missing.
The remainder, after returning to base, received a report that enemy aircraft were expected, and F/O PIPER took off to investigate, and struck a petrol drum on take-off. However, he continued the search for two hours, during which no enemy aircraft were sighted. On landing at base with damaged undercarriage the aircraft crashed and the undercarriage collapsed. The aircraft was extensively damaged by F/O PIPER suffered no injury.
On preparing to take off on Security Patrol, SGT. HAVARD, caught in slipstream of aircraft flown by SGT. COWE, crashed, the aircraft being badly damaged, the pilot escaping injury.
23 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
F/O P. A. MASTERS (407330) ex No. 4 Squadron, reported on posting to No. 75 Squadron for flying duties. F/O ELLERTON, SGT. BROWN and P/O TUCKER departed South to ferry KITTYHAWK Aircraft allotted to No. 75 Squadron. No. 75 Squadron advised that it becomes a Unit under the administration of RAAF Headquarters, PORT MORESBY from this date.
23 March 1942 - MORESBY
Dawn Patrol four aircraft led by F/Lt. L.D. JACKSON over base. Nil results. Time down 0825K.
1325K: All available aircraft ordered into the air. Two flights Ten and Nine enemy bombers respectively sighted. Bombs dropped but very little damage effected.
1415: Four ZERO fighters ground-straffed Aerodrome.
CASUALTIES: Two KITTYHAWK Aircraft destroyed by fire, and one damaged. Injury to personnel, NIL.
ENEMY CASUALTIES: One ZERO crashed on MORRIS HILL after fire from Machine Gun Post, another ZERO seen at low level trailing white smoke or petrol from the tail.
24 March 1942 - MORESBY
Two aircraft on Security Patrol over base. Time down 0800K. NIL results.
At 0710K F/O PIPER took off and intercepted enemy bomber who jettisoned his bombs but was shot down into the sea four or five miles south of HOOD BAY. Own casualties NIL.
Time Off 0830K: F/O WOODS on patrol over base, with NIL results.
1030K: Two KITTYHAWKS, Pilots F/Lt. JACKSON and SGT. BAILEY took off to intercept 18 enemy aircraft. NIL results observed by SGT. BAILEY. F/Lt. JACKSON contacted aircraft and delivered head-on attack on three escorting ZEROS.
OWN CASUALTIES: Bullet hole through mainplane F/Lt. JACKSON.
ENEMY CASUALTIES: One ZERO probably destroyed.
S/Ldr. JEFFREY DSO, DFC left after duty with No. 75 Squadron, accompanied by four No. 75 Squadron pilots who were returning to Mainland to ferry replacement aircraft back to Unit.
25 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
Five aircraft allotted to No. 75 Squadron arrived at TOWNSVILLE, F/Lt. BOYD in charge of flight.
F/O COX, SGT. SIMS and SGT. HAVARD, escorted by No. 32 Squadron HUDSON, and flying three KITTYHAWK Aircraft, left for MORESBY approximately 1030 hours.
25 March 1942 - EN ROUTE
SGT. SIMS delayed at COOKTOWN damaged tail wheel.
SGT. HAVARD forced landed on beach 8 miles North of COOKTOWN.
F/O COX returned to COOKTOWN and left for the scene in Motor Launch, and successfully flew SGT. HAVARD'S Aircraft off the beach and landed it safely at COOKTOWN, SGT. HAVARD returning in the Launch to COOKTOWN.
25 March 1942 - MORESBY
Approximately 0900K four aircraft took off to intercept three enemy bombers escorted by ZEROS reported to be approaching.
Result NIL Sightings.
26 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
F/O COX returned TOWNSVILLE from COOKTOWN to organise flight of all available aircraft and pilots to proceed to MORESBY, escorted by HUDSON Aircraft No. 32 Squadron. Departure delayed pending advice of serviceability of aircraft held up at COOKTOWN.
F/O WACKETT, missing on attack on LAE, 22/3, reported to be safe and well with NGVR BULOLO.
27 March 1942 - MORESBY
Two aircraft on patrol over base 0725K. Two enemy bombers sighted 0833K. Twelve bombs dropped on disperal bays with no damage. This flight was led by F/O WOODS and was intercepted by three ZEROS at 20,000 feet. F/O WOODS, from 10,000 feet, saw at 3,000 to 4,000 feet below what he considered to be P/O O'CONNOR making a delayed parachute descent, and later saw fire on the ground which he took to be P/O O'CONNOR'S aircraft burning. He returned to base and reported P/O CONNOR missing.
Other aircraft which had taken off, attacked enemy bombers; one enemy bomber being shot down in flames.
The search was carried out for P/O O'CONNOR without result.
28 March 1942 - MORESBY
All available aircraft took off to intercept enemy bombers escorted by ZERO fighters. In general combat which ensued, SGT. BAILEY was observed by F/O PIPER to be diving steeply followed by a ZERO well astern and approximately over an area 20 to 30 miles North of KEKENI ROCKS, and did not return to base. In this combat one ZERO was probably destroyed. Some damage to our own aircraft.
28 March 1942 - TOWNSVILLE
F/O COX leading formation of six KITTYHAWKS, replacement aircraft, escorted by a HUDSON from No. 32 Squadron, departed for MORESBY.
28 March 1942 - EN ROUTE
This formation arrived CAIRNS en route for MORESBY.
28 March 1942 - MORESBY
Establishment for No. 75 Squadron increased by provision for 3 more pilots and 8 Aircraft-hands (as Armament assistants).
29 March 1942 - EN ROUTE COOKTOWN
Flight led by F/O COX arrived COOKTOWN. SGT. DAVIES, on landing, sustained damage to tail wheel. HUDSON returned to TOWNSVILLE for necessary parts and returned, accompanied by S/Ldr. WRIGHT in KITTYHAWK A29-29. Aircraft flown by SGT. HAVARD held up at COOKTOWN owing to engine trouble.
30 March 1942 - COOKTOWN
Remainder of formation including S/Ldr. WRIGHT proceeded to HORN ISLAND.
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