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WWII era Bellman Hangars at Deniliquin, NSW (Daniel J. Leahy, 2014)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 3 Squadron, RAAF - January 1942

2 January 1942 - EL GAZALA NO. 2
During the day five of our aircraft took part in a standing patrol over MSUS area. No E/A were sighted.
No other operational flying.
F/O Chinchen, who left MSUS on 31/12/41 by Air Transport, arrived at EL GAZALA with a replacement aircraft from No 107 MU.
No. 2543 F/S Harkness arrived EL GAZALA from MSUS en route to M.E. Pool.
3 January 1942 - EL GAZALA NO. 2
At 0735 hrs. 10 Kittyhawks took off to patrol the AGEDABIA - HASSIET - GHETAENIA area. E/A consisting of 3 ME 109's were sighted and engaged with no known results.
Aircraft reported concentration dispersed N. of WADI FAREGH about 8 miles S. of HASSIET, also two small concentrations of about 6 or 7 tanks 8 miles N.E. of HASSIET.
All our aircraft returned by 0910 hrs.
F/O Chinchen proceeded from EL GAZALA to MSUS.
2543 F/S Harkness left to proceed to M.E. Pool.
F/S Allen, Cpl. Bartlett, Cpl. McKinnon and AC1 Stewart arrived at EL GAZALA from MSUS en route to M.E. Pool.
4 January 1942 - EL GAZALA NO. 2
From 1055 hrs. to 1200 hrs. 12 of our aircraft carried out a patrol and escorted a Tac. R. aircraft over the AGEDABIA - HASSIET area. No E/A were sighted and nothing of interest was seen.
Again from 1505 to 1620 10 of our aircraft carried out the same task as in the morning, with the same result.
F/O's Giddy, Baster, Sgt.'s Lyons and Simes, who collected Kittyhawks from 107 MU, returned to EL GAZALA. The pilots were used to ferry the aircraft to EL ADEM for 112 Squadron, who were being re-equipped.
Of interest to the Squadron was the news of the appointment of F/L Caldwell, an Australian EATS Pilot who recently received the DFC & Bar, to command 112 Squadron, our partner in the Wing.
3883 F/S Allen, R.H., 9145 CPL Bartlerr, W.H.D., 9008 CPL McKinnon J.H. and 8216 AC1 Stewart D.A. and 6081 LAC Levy L. left the Unit to report to M.E. Pool to await transport to Australia.
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