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RAAF Form A.50

No. 1 Aircraft Park, RAAF - April 1940

1 April 1940 to 30 June 1940 - GEELONG
No. 1 Aircraft Park was formed on the twenty ninth day of April 1940 at LAVERTON for the erection of Fairey Battle aircraft. The unit was attached to No. 1 Aircraft Depot, LAVERTON, under the temporary command of Flight Lieutenant H. BARNES, Engineer Officer of the Royal Air Force. The strength of the unit on formation was two officers and twenty seven airmen, including two officers and four airmen of the Royal Air Force.
On Monday the twenty ninth day of April 1940 personnel commenced travelling daily by tender from LAVERTON to the International Harvester Company of Australia Pty. Ltd. Works North Shore GEELONG, where the unit was to be established in one of the Company's buildings.
On Tuesday the thirtieth day of April 1940 the first four Battle aircraft numbers P5239, P2169, P2167, and P5247, were delivered at the site of the unit at GEELONG. Subsequent deliveries of aircraft up to the thirtieth day of June 1940 were as follows:- on the first day of June 1940, P2166, P5243, P5249, P5242, P2168, L5407, and L5151, on the twenty fifth day of June 1940, P2364, L5156, L5409, L5387 and N2247.
On Monday the twenty seventh day of May 1940 the unit moved from LAVERTON to GEELONG and personnel occupied temporary quarters.
Erection of aircraft proceeded slowly at first due to lack of tools and equipment, alterations to premises, construction of aerodrome, and the work entailed in establishing the unit.
On Tuesday the fourteenth day of May 1940 work was commenced on the erection of buildings and hutments to house the unit. Work was still proceeding at the end of June.
On Tuesday the eighteenth day of June 1940 Flight Lieutenant H. BARNES relinquished the command of the unit to Flight Lieutenant J.M. LEREW, who assumed the command on Wednesday the nineteenth day of June 1940.
The first aircraft completed was Battle number P5239 which was completed on Saturday the twenty ninth day of June 1940, and flown on a test flight to RAAF Station LAVERTON, by Flight Lieutenant J.M. LEREW the same day.

At the end of June 1940 the strength of the unit was :-
(1) Officers: 4
(2) Airmen: 77
(1) Awaiting erection: 11
(2) In course of erection: 4
(3) Serviceable: 1

(151/2/90. - 7.6.1940.)
1. No.1 Aircraft Park moved from No.1 Aircraft Depot, Laverton, to Geelong, on 27th May, 1940.
2. As from that date, No.1 Aircraft Park is to become a separate air force unit and is to come under the orders of Headquarters, Southern Area.
3. The postal address of this unit will be -

No.1 Aircraft Park,
Seaview Avenue,
Telephone No.: Geelong 3476.
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