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WWII era Bellman Hangars at Deniliquin, NSW (Daniel J. Leahy, 2014)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 28 Operational Base Unit, RAAF - September 1942

3 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
32 Squadron departed from Thursday Island.
5 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
8 fighters and 11 others landed and refuelled for week.
9 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Rainfall recorded 3 points.
10 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
38 Bomb Group arrived with 15 aircraft and personnel.
12 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Aircraft landed and fuelled, 2 B-17, 2 B-25, 31 Fighters and 32 others for week.
14 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
1st bore finished after seven weeks. Col. Hubbard Sub Base Commander arrived to set up Sub Base Section No. 2.
15 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
B-25s departed to Maple. Boring plant moved to new site near visitors mess. B-25s returned.
16 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Advised that 75 F.S. not arriving until 21 Sept. F/Lt. Young departed by Rapide at 8 A.M. for Townsville on duty and then granted sick leave. Boring started. 3 B-25s arrived. P/O G.W. Macdonald appointed Temporary Commander.
17 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
12 men under P/O Matson of 75 Squadron arrived. P/O G.W. Macdonald handed over command to P/O G.S. Martin.
18 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
B-17 reported lost. Personnel bailed out. Got out emergency rations for same to be dropped from 4 B-25s and one B-17 which arrived noon. One A-20A off course founded its way here cause of air raid alarm about 10 a.m. 40 RSU personnel under P/O Roby arrived per "Marella". P/O Macdonald admitted to hospital. Signal received from N.E.A. authorising P/O Martin Temporary Officer in charge of O.B.
19 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Boring plant struck blue granite at 11 feet. Moved same about 50 yards up hill. 6 B-25s and 1 Hudson left for Townsville. Stinson arrived - no mail except for USA. 2 B-17, 3 Fighter and 17 other aircraft landed and refuelled for week.
21 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
A.S.C. Rations, RAAF supply truck one week, USA the next, until such time as Army get truck this island. DC-5 arrived with 26 personnel 76 Squadron as well as 10 more 75 Squadron.
22 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
"Wanaka" arrived with 45 ratings for 12 RSU. Several P-38s en route to Moresby.
Air raid alarm sounded at 11 am for B-25 on way to Moresby. Air Raid alarm sounded at 5 pm for Hudson.
23 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Generals Kenny and Walker arrived for lunch also G/C. Cobby and W/C Grant and party in B-25 enroute to Moresby and Fall River.
24 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
45 personnel, 12 RSU arrived on Horn Island. P-40s of 76 Squadron arrived en route Darwin at 9.50 am. 12 P-40s of 75 Squadron arrived about 10.45 am. 1 B-17 landed about 1 am with belly guns down and tore up bitumen on runway for nearly the full length.
25 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Air Raid alarm sounded in which B-25 took off from No. 1 runway. Hit a P-40 belonging to 75 Squadron. B-25 crashed top end of No. 1 runway after engine stalled. One man probable fracture of spine and suffering from shock. Balance No. 75 Squadron planes arrived including S/Ldr. Jackson.
26 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
DH-86 arrived. No mail for RAAF Post Office 71 advised bag mail sent each day by air from Townsville. Col. Langford arrived and picked new site for American Air Corps. Aircraft refuelled and landed for week 4 B-17, 80 fighter and 25 others.
27 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Major Harch 38 Bomb Group arrived and decided to encamp in spot towards H. Battery as all already selected by S/Ldr. H.D. Young.
28 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Started P/O Edwards on new road round Island - propected same ready for start tomorrow. Water in bore developed hardness and salinity making it unfit for drinking. Wanaka departed at dawn. Refrigerator floor leaking and offensive. Arranged have floor cemented and drained.
29 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Gen. Casey and party arrived 8 am and left 12.15 on B-25.
30 September 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Light rain fell off and on all day. 12 RSU started on wrecks B-25, also repairing of engine head from crash boat. Water supplies short owing to army again pulling down the pump.
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