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Twin Row Radial Engine in Fairfax Harbour, Port Moresby, PNG (Daniel J. Leahy, 2005)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 28 Operational Base Unit, RAAF - July 1942

6 July 1942 - HORN ISLAND
1043 hours one enemy reco plane was overhead at approximately 8,000 feet.
7 July 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Island raided from 1153 hours to 1230 hours by 16 Jap Bombers flying in V formation at a estimated height of 22,000 feet. Approximately 160 fragmentation bombs were dropped through the O.B. and Squadron camp areas. Casualties were 1 man serious and 2 not serious. Damage caused to tents, buildings, refuelling unit, tractor and utility. Armament hut was completely destroyed.
8 July 1942 - HORN ISLAND
P/O A.B. Sharland, F/O J.J. Armstrong and F/O Walter arrived for Cypher Duties.
P/O F. Bortfield arrived for Defence Duties.
11 July 1942 - HORN ISLAND
P/O Corrigan posted to 11 Mile Port Moresby.
14 July 1942 - HORN ISLAND
F/Lt. Young arrived and took over command.
15 July 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Rainfall recorded 12 Points.
18 July 1942 - HORN ISLAND
F/Lt. Young proceeded on duty to North Eastern Area.
27 July 1942 - HORN ISLAND
P/O J.H.I. Crofts posted to Base for Equipment Duties.
29 July 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Island raided from 0216 hours to 0227 hours by one Jap bomber. 5 bombs were dropped on the dispersal area damaging four Hudsons of 32 Squadron.
31 July 1942 - HORN ISLAND
Island raided from 0341 hours to 0508 hours. Bombs were dropped in sea and no damage done. Bombs presumed to be dropped from a jap flying boat.
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