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Livingstone Airfield, Northern Territory (Daniel J. Leahy, 2012)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 31 Squadron, RAAF - March 1943

1 March 1943 - COOMALIE CRK.
Flying Officer. D. Vincent (6640) Took over position of Squadron Defence Officer on posting.
Flying Officer VINCENT appointed Squadron Barracks Officer and Fire Officer.
Flying Officer JEFFERY relinquishes position of Fire Officer.
2 March 1943 - COOMALIE CRK
Enemy aircraft straffed COOMALIE CREEK Strip, destroying Beaufighter Aircraft A19-31. Minor injuries sustained by two airmen.
4 March 1943 - COOMALIE CRK
Flying Officer McDAVITT -Pilot - and Sergeant COTTER-Navigator(BW) ferried aircraft A19-81 from WAGGA. NSW.
5 March 1943 - COOMALIE CRK
Commanding Officer's Conference of Section and Flight Commanders.
8 March 1943 - COOMALIE CRK
Flying Officer TALBOT-Intelligence Officer, North Western Area- ceased attachment to No. 31 Squadron, and proceeded on attachment to No. 13 Squadron.
9 March 1943 - COOMALIE CRK
Pilot Officer E.C. RICHARDS and Pilot Officer J. MAGEE promoted to rank of Flying Officer with effect from 23.1.43 - C.Of A. Gazette 38/43 refers.
Air Officer Commanding, North Western Area, visited COOMALIE CREEK Strip at 1500 Hours Local time to inspect boggy nature of area.
10 March 1943 - COOMALIE CRK
Flying Officer J. MARR appointed Squadron Wireless Leader.
Flying Officer J.D. ENTWISTLE posted RAAF Wing, Royal Adelaide Hospital (non-effective) - PZ101-20/3 refers.
15 March 1943 - COOMALIE CRK
Aircraft A19-79 crashed into sea near Aroe Islands, result of enemy action.
Crew - Flying Officer LONGONI -Pilot- and Sergeant DALE -Navigator(BW), Missing believed killed.
16 March 1943 - COOMALIE CRK
Flying Officer A.E. LONGONI and Sergeant DALE posted No. 55 OB (Non-effective). Committee of Adjustment to deal with effects of Flying Officer LONGONI and Sergeant DALE appointed by Commanding Officer. Flying Officer GRANT -President- and Pilot Officer GABB - Member.
17 March 1943 - COOMALIE CRK
Aircraft A19-81 crashed into trees, whilst attempting a take-off on COOMALIE CREEK Strip. - Crew -Pilot Officer FRITH -Pilot- and Pilot Officer McLENNAN- Navigator (BW) Both Officers suffered from shock.
Aircraft A19-78 - crew- Flight Lieutenant GREENWOOD -Pilot- and Sergeant THOMPSON -Navigator(BW) - force landed fifteen (15) miles south-west of DARWIN.
Squadron Leader B. ROSE DFC, Officer Commanding No. 5 OTU, Wing Commander COOPER of No. 2 T.G. and Warrant Officer GREENHILL -Navigator(BW) arrived at COOMALIE CREEK on inspectional duties.
19 March 1943 - COOMALIE CREEK
Squadron Leader ROSE, DFC, and Warrant Officer GREENHILL returned to WAGGA by Aircraft.
21 March 1943 - COOMALIE CREEK
Flying Officer A.M. COBHAM posted No. 31 Squadron as Intelligence Officer - BP129-17/3 refers.
Flying Officer G. JEFFERY posted No. 5 Fighter Sector Headquarters as Senior Intelligence Officer - BP130-17/3 refers.
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