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Wreck of B-24 'Milady', Northern Territory (Daniel J. Leahy, 2012)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 13 Squadron, RAAF - March 1943

1 March 1943
2 March 1943
SGT. STOCKLEY H.R. (WAG) SGT. WOODS R.D. (WAG) SGT. McCARTHY J.W. (A/Obs.) F/Lt. HARBER L.G. (G.D.) from 55 O.B. wef 2/3/43.
Air Raid alarm sounded 0520z All clear 0605z. No bombs dropped on HUGHES FIELD.
Air Raid Alarm sounded 0402z All Clear 0451z. No bombs dropped on HUGHES FIELD.
3 March 1943
Six Aircraft (5 Aircraft only available) to attack DOBO. Targets :- "A" Flight - (i) ships over 3000 tons. (ii) township area B100-110, C100-120, D110-120 target map R5. "B" Flight - (i) ships over 3000 tons. (ii) G130-150 F130-150 E120-140. provided no interception, aircraft to bomb individually in line astern. Take off 2100z/2. Phamphlets to be dropped. Bombs - "A" Flight. A16-204 - 9x15x3, 1x25, 9x100x4 Incend. A16-219 - 4x250 G.P. Inst. Tail .025, 2x100 A/S Tail Inst. "B" Flight. A16-197 - 227 - 202. - 4x250 GP. Nose Inst. Tail .025 2x100 A/S Tail Inst. Fuel: Full mains and 110 Auxiliary - 646 gals. HUG10. REPORTS:- Most bombs fell in target area, remainder fell in town area. Houses on SW side all ablaze. House at plantation FATOEDJROERING set on fire - Formation attacked by twin engined enemy aircraft, probably "SALLY". Our aircraft damaged as follows:- HUG 102 bullet holes in flap - fuselage - petrol tank and aileron. HUG 104 Cannon hole in Navigators compartment. HUG 105 Bullet hole in fuselage under turret - Light and medium ack ack observed. HUG 101 Eight bullet holes in tail unit - fuselage - undercarriage. Navigator of HUG 104 was wounded in both legs.
Flying Officer A.T. MACKNAY (A&S.D.) posted to 55 O.B. wef 3/3/43.
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