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Ex-RAAF C-47 Dakota on display at Mulwala, NSW (Daniel J. Leahy, 2014)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 13 Squadron, RAAF - February 1942

1 February 1942 - DARWIN
The following airmen's promotions were effected:-
4142 F/sgt. Woodsford, A.W., Fitter Arm. - promotion T/W.O.
2503 F/Sgt. Jeffkins, E.W., Clerk Gen. - promotion T/W.O.
5228 A/Sgt. McLeod, W.L., Fitter IIA - promotion T/Sgt.
8559 Cpl. Homer, E.A., Fitter IIA, - promotion T/Sgt.
6716 Cpl. Eagles, C.H. Fitter IIE, - promotion T/Sgt.
5174 Cpl. Green, V.G. Fitter IIE - promotion T/Sgt.
1 February 1942 to 28 February 1942 - DALY WATERS
The maintenance facilities existing at this base were very poor. Many of the aircraft were damaged, and there was a great lack of spares and essential operational equipment, such as parachutes, life saving jackets, microphones, maps, sykos and codes, navigational gear etc., the majority of which was destroyed at Darwin. In addition, many of the men after being evacuated from the islands were in poor physical condition. At times the continued efforts of Nos. 2 and 13 Squadrons could only muster 2 or 3 operationally serviceable aircraft. This position improved slowly by the arrival of replacement aircraft, fresh aircrews and ground staff. This base was used for the maintenance of aircraft for major repair and inspections.
2 February 1942 - DARWIN
Flying Officer C.W. Wearne (2219) posted from Station Headquarters Darwin for Adjutant Duties.
3 February 1942 - DARWIN
Arrangements completed for move to Daly Waters and first shipment of stores and equipment left by train. Advance party personnel for Servicing Flight "C" and "A" Flight moved by air.
Advice received from 119 AGH that F/lt. L.A. Ingram (379) was seriously ill due to malaria.
A/F/Lt. C.F. Cohley (1935) Adjutant
F/O W.L. Ross (679) 2nd pilot
P/O K.E. Daniel (402825) 2nd pilot
posted 3 ED non-effective.
5 February 1942 - DARWIN
411235 Sgt. Smith, S.A. WAG, posted to 3 STT - non effective.
Personnel proceeded by air to Daly Waters. O.i/c. Records, W/C Goodwin inspected RAAF Station, Darwin.
8 February 1942 - DARWIN
All personnel comprising "A" and "C" Flights and Servicing Party transported to Daly Waters, and in conjunction with personnel of No. 2 Squadron will undertake all servicing of Hudson aircraft belonging to 2 and 13 Squadrons. "B" Flight and Squadron Headquarters retained at Darwin. Squadron was now using RAAF Station Darwin as Advanced Base, and Daly Waters as Servicing Base. Operations Room at Darwin controlling all operations.
9 February 1942 - DARWIN
Air Commodore Jones, DFC arrived by air on a visit of inspection, departed 11.2.42.
14 February 1942 - DARWIN
Hudson Aircraft A16-61 crashed at Koepang due to fog and rain. Pilot Officer J.N. Goodfellow (407894) and 406401 Sgt. Motteram, C.L., WAG, both of 13 Squadron killed. Other members of crew also killed. Occupants were buried at Koepang and accorded full military honours.
400378 A/Sgt. Barlow, P., WAG, posted from 1 ED for flying duties.
16 February 1942 - DARWIN
The following aircrew were posted to the Squadron for flying duties:-
F/Lt. G.T. Newstead (408) ex Station Headquarters Darwin
F/Lt. A.W. Nicholls (483) ex Station Headquarters Darwin
F/Lt. H.A. Nicholas (219) ex Station Headquarters Darwin
18 February 1942 - DARWIN
Practice air raid alarm, full rehearsal, inspected by A.O.C.
19 February 1942 - DARWIN
Aircraft of 13 Squadron assisted in the evacuation of personnel from Koepang A.O.B.
0955 - First enemy air raid on Australia. Enemy aircraft attack RAAF Station, wharves, shipping and township. Raid carried out by dive bombers escorted by fighters. Much damage to buildings, installations and grounded aircraft. Squadron hangar destroyed, also much essential equipment (belt filling machine etc.). Squadron store and Headquarters destroyed. Due to panic and lack of discipline and morale and ignorance of Aerodrome Defence Orders, no large scale salvage operation attempted, excepting in isolated cases where NCOs organised small parties and endeavoured to save items of equipment. Orders given to disperse.
1155 - 54 heavy bombers carried out high level bombing attack on aerodrome. Pattern Bombing. Casualties, 7 killed, 5 injured. No personnel of 13 Squadron included in this total. "B" Flight personnel under command of 2922 F/Sgt. Parker, R.F., Fitter IIE commenced to service remaining aircraft and to salvage M.T. vehicles and tractors which were left around station.
20 February 1942 - DARWIN
Air Marshal R. Williams visited Area Headquarters and Station. Salvage operations continued and orderly room set up in tent dispersed in bush and connected by telephone to Operations Room. Station Operations Room dispersed.
W/C. J.P. Ryland appointed Controller of Darwin Operations Room. 8 personnel who had been in 119 AGH suffering from malaria were evacuated on S.S. Manunda, Hospital Ship.
Arrangements prepared for the dispersal of personnel of "B" Flight who were to maintain operational and visiting aircraft, and site was selected near the end of the runway.
21 February 1942 - DARWIN
Camp erected for "B" Flight personnel, camouflaged. All available personnel including aircrew detailed to assist P.W.D. workmen to erect camouflaged inserts. Aircraft maintained in these inserts.
All non-essential personnel on station transported to Daly Waters, aircraft being used every night for this work.
Enemy reconnaissance carried out from very high altitude, no alarm sounded.
22 February 1942 - DARWIN
Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Burnett, C.A.S., visited RAAF Station Darwin.
27 February 1942 - DARWIN
Two air raid alarms sounded, Japanese reconnaissance aircraft sighted, no attacks made.
28 February 1942 - DARWIN
N.W. Area Headquarters moved from RAAF Station Darwin.
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