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Twin Row Radial Engine in Fairfax Harbour, Port Moresby, PNG (Daniel J. Leahy, 2005)
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RAAF Form A.50

No. 2 Wireless Air Gunners School, RAAF - June 1941

1 June 1941 - PARKES
Arrival of one Aircrew V (G) Trainee.
2 June 1941 - PARKES
F/Lt E.C. Jorden, F/O N.W. Webster, F/O R.B. Keig, P/O J.A. Bonnington posted.
4 June 1941 - PARKES
Arrival of Douglas DC-2 aircraft A30-7 & A30-8 from No. 1 AD LAVERTON.
F/Lt E.C. Jorden, F/O R.B. Keig, F/O J.A. Bonnington reported for duty.
16 June 1941 - PARKES
Pilot Officer B.C. Wall (A.S.D.) posted to Stn H.Q. Parkes - Pilot Officer J.R. Bell (A.S.D.) posted from Stn H.Q. to No. 2 WAGS.
Strength :- 15 Officers, 120 airmen, 394 aircrew V (G)
23 June 1941 - PARKES
Arrival of Douglas DC-2 aircraft A30-13 from No. 1 AD LAVERTON. F/O Webster reported for duty.
Enlistment of 2 airmen pilots No. 37519 AC1 (A/SGT) Joyce D, No. 37520 AC1 (A/SGT) Dangerfield C.L.
Commencement of Air Operating Training - Course 10G.
Commencement of Course 14A (G)
27 June 1941 - PARKES
Arrival of Tiger Moth A17-14 as per copy of No. 2 WAGS Operation Instruction No. 1 attached.
30 June 1941 - PARKES
Strength :- 15 Officers, 123 Airmen, 456 Aircrew V (G)
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